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    Archive through October 28, 2013

     trade one of my 100s for a 70 I've got 2 100s but would like a 70 or 73. I'd be willing to trade one of them maybe both for the right 70 or 73. 100 #1 runs and drives good. Was told by the PO that the pto and drive clutch were rebuilt not too many hours ago. Has fenders 100#2 runs and...
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    Archive through December 28, 2012

    Looking for a set of carlisle tru power ags in the size 16-6.5-8 for the front of one of my cubs. Email me at [email protected] if you have a set. Thanks
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    Fall Montrose Mn plow days Oct 12-13th 2012

    There was a tool found on the fieldbsaturday afternoon. If you think its yours, give bob a call with a description. 612-581-5360. Let's see some pictures!
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    Archive through December 21, 2011

    $50 for the lights and $125 for the lift now. or you can still make an offer
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    Archive through December 21, 2011

    1X6/1X7 headlight panel. $75 O.B.O Electric lift off of a 147. works good and goes in and out good. $150 O.B.O. Make me an offer on this stuff. parts are located in motley mn. email me at [email protected] or questions. thanks
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    Archive through August 05, 2011

    looking for the big internal snapring that goes on the front of a creeper gear. its the one thats about 2 1/2 inches big. email me at [email protected] thanks
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    Archive through July 21, 2011

    i need help with this cab. im almost positive that its an ih windbreaker deluxe cab but the back of it isnt the same as the ones ive seen and it doesnt fit on a tractor. can you guys help me identify what it fits or suggest what i should do to make it fit. thanks
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    Archive through June 21, 2011

    charlie i did that too but my cab has been modified a little so i was looking for some exact detailed pictures.
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    Archive through June 19, 2011

    hey guys. i just bought a windbreaker deluxe cab. the one with a hard frame and top but soft doors. i was wondering it someone could send me some pictures of the mounting points on the cab and some detailed pictures of the back/bottom. that would be great. email them to [email protected]
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    19th Annual Greater MN Two Cyl. Club May 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2011

    so this is going to be open to any brand garden tractor?
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    Archive through March 13, 2011

    Yeah I'm looking for close up pictures of those parts mounted on the tractor. I think I need to bend my mounting bracket (the one laying in the center of that picture you posted) because when I bolt that on, it tips the winshield way forward
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    Archive through March 13, 2011

    Thanks charlie. I already printed that out. What I need is for someone to take pictures of these pieces so I can compare them and to see if I got everything
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    Archive through March 13, 2011

    hey guys. i'm looking for pictures of some parts for a full soft windbreaker cab for a quietline. i need a picture of the mounting bracket that goes between the windshield and the cross brace on top of the dash. also need pics of the bottom door hinges, the door latches/keepers and how the roof...
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    Archive through December 08, 2010

    looking for a cub cadet 73. must be in minnesota or close to it. contact me at [email protected] thanks
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    Fall Harvest Day 2010 Montrose, Mn

    Lovin the pics. My dad enjoyed pullin deeres out with his 4wheeler haha
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    Fall Harvest Day 2010 Montrose, Mn

    thanks for taking some great pictures greg. i even lucked out and am in a couple of them haha. thanks to all that made plowdays happen. it was an awesome weekend
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    Archive through September 23, 2010

    still have the 100 and 70 for sale. 100 has creeper and lights and runs good. the 70 is plain jane and doesnt currently run. 400 FIRM for the pair. located in motley mn can deliver to montrose plowdays this weekend. contact me at [email protected] or call 218-296-0959. thanks
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    Archive through September 12, 2010

    up for sale is a cub cadet 100 and 70. the 100 runs great and drives great. it has a creeper gear and head lights but does not have a lift handle. the 70 i have never touched or got running. the motor has good compression. the rear in is rusted and binds up but i have a extra rear end i will...
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    Archive through August 09, 2010

    aaron??? do the avalanches run the alison tranny like the normal pickups with the 8.1???
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    Archive through July 26, 2010

    looking for a 50A deck to put on a 1650 or 169. needs to be in minnesota and in decent shape. would trade a 44A for one. email me at [email protected] thanks