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    Archive through March 16, 2015

    Hi Fellas, I'm sorry to say I am moving and need to sell off my collection of IH Cubs. They have served me well and this forum helped me keep them happy beyond their prime. However, they are tired now. The 127 ran & mowed grass last fall. One 129 hasn't ran in over two years. And...
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    Archive through August 22, 2013

    Brian W., I'd guess you welded the points together..... I'd start by checking them out first. Frank C., Thanks for the help! Ryan W
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    Archive through August 22, 2013

    Hi Fellas, My 129 just had a LH steering knuckle "mal-function". Is this part interchangeable between all 129s? Will the same part off a narrow frame 125 Cub work on a 129 without modifications? Thanks in Adance, Guys! RWilke
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    Archive through July 08, 2013

    Lucas J., I'd guess that the battery failed internally. Has it been heavily jarred or banged around any? If so, then the plates inside could have broke loose or even shorted out with each other. Have you tried to re-charge it? I suspect it won't take a charge. Where did you buy it...
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    Archive through July 08, 2013

    Fellas, I was reading a review of a new cub and and started to laugh! I thought some of you here might also get a kick out of it: "The 2013 Cub Cadet LTX 1050 KW is a average 50 inch cut lawn tractor built by MTD and should last the average homeowner a few hundred hours if maintained...
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    Archive through July 02, 2013

    Joseph S., Cool Beans! Thanks for the real-life reassurance! Ryan W
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    Archive through July 02, 2013

    Donald T., Thanks for your reply! What do you mean by, "The off set thickness is different in the tube where the frame bolts."? Now maybe I'm suffering from more brain-farts, but from my (quick) review of the 'CC PARTS LOOKUP', the part #s are the same for the 86 and 126 axles...
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    Archive through July 02, 2013

    Kraig/Wayne, Ok, I got it backwards in my message... ...my apologies to those of you I've offended. So does anyone know if a rearend out of a 126 will bolt into an 86 without much fabin'? Ryan W
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    Archive through July 02, 2013

    Hi Fellas, Two Questions: 1) I've got a Model 86 (narrow frame) Cub and I'm wondering if I can replace the rear end assembly with an assembly out of a 126 (wide frame) Cub without too much hassle? 2) Other than it'll need a shorter driveshaft, could I also bolt in a "High/Low"...
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    Archive through May 10, 2013

    Bill J., Personally, I would not worry about the anti-rattle clips. I installed mine, then within an hour two of them flew out. I continued to run my 129 without them and noticed no difference. JMHO... RWilke
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    Archive through November 06, 2012

    <font color="0077aa">By Dennis Frisk (Dfrisk) on Sunday, November 04, 2012 - 09:58 pm: SON's heater should be able to heat his garage on LOW on all but the coldest days this winter. We put 4" of insulation in the walls. He hasn't got anything in the ceiling yet but may put some in. He needs...
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    Archive through October 15, 2012

    Evening, Fellas: Anyone have a quick/easy way to check the balance of a mower deck blade after grinding on it? Can I simply balance it at it's center hole on a ball-peen hammer? Thanks! -- RWilke
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    Archive through July 18, 2012

    Rodney, I agree 110% with Paul Bell regarding the "303 Aerospace Protectant" being a GREAT protective dressing for anything vinyl or rubber; including tires. I've tried lots of different treatments and I believe this is the best stuff yet! I use it on all our vehicle tire sidewalls, door...
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    Archive through June 16, 2012

    Wayne S., If I were you, I'd say it's time to buy your "buddy down the road" a box of wobbly pops - for sharing/pointing such deals your way! Maybe it'll be some incentive for him to do some additional scouting for that elusive 169 you're looking for.... just a thought. Ryan W
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    Archive through May 31, 2012

    Dennis F., Regarding the Stainless Steel bolts, I was thinking the same thing - most SS bolts that I've seen have a smooth bolt head, indicating a Grade 2 strength......not good enough for most assembly applications at my shed! RWilke
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    Archive through May 26, 2012

    Dennis F., Thanks for your response! I recall you speaking of your custom, self-modified 'winged blades' awhile ago and your comments on how well they worked for you. I may try adding a couple of 1/2" holes (left of center) to the top of the deck where they wouldn't weaken the deck nor...
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    Archive through May 26, 2012

    Dennis F., What hole size (1/2"?), what location (6" from each spindle?) and how many holes would you put in your 50C deck? Do you think that such holes would also help out a 42" deck performance? RWilke
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    Archive through May 26, 2012

    Luther, Maybe so, but if it is, it sure isn't in a very convenient location, as it would be directly under the center of your tractor, correct? Seems like most wash out connections I've seen on other rigs were located at more accessible deck locations... RWilke
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    Archive through May 26, 2012

    Wyatt C., I don't know why that hole would be in your 44GT mower deck. But in regards to drilling holes in some of the decks for airflow, the "airflow" holes that I am familiar with are 1" diameter and are drilled into the side of each end and one in the middle-rear of the one-piece mower...
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    Archive through May 26, 2012

    Tom Flynn, Don't be too surprised if those anti-rattle clips are missing after a hour or two of running...they seem to always 'disappear' from the PTOs on my Cubs. RWilke