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    Archive through September 26, 2019

    Thanks guys! That's a very tempting offer Dave! Got my truck down taking my time away. I've been offering some advice to a younger fellow who wants to put a loader on a Cub. He'll be getting 3 from me in a couple weeks and wanted some opinions on different things.
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    Archive through September 18, 2018

    What do you mean by "blows gas out the carb"? Please explain because this doesn't make sense.
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    Archive through July 03, 2018

    Steve, are you Myron's son? Take a look in the classified section and can probably get a sense of their worth too.
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    Archive through March 19, 2018

    I made one, terrible and very dangerous. Should have used someone else's idea. It's now part of a sleeve hitch lift on a Case 220. Second time around, I did along David S. Method. I try and not have to change clutches by focusing on hydros now
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    Archive through March 10, 2018

    Well not for a lack of trying, no Cubs today. Tried but went too high for me. Wanted a huge old tiller to get the twin Kohler off of, but it seemed to weigh more than my ranger and my help/hauler had to leave. Oh well. Oh, I post whenever. I work nights and am up all different hours on my off...
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    Archive through February 02, 2018

    Every time I look at it, I think it's a 5 point and have to zoom in and deja Vu happens all over again!
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    Archive through May 08, 2017

    Lee I'm wondering if you somehow assembled the clutch on the drive shaft wrong? Pics would definitely be great. I also have a 1200 and it's even at my house! I don't know how good of pictures I could get you but can later on.
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    Archive through March 11, 2017

    Mike I've not seen any, but that doesn't account for much. Judging by your skills, I think you could add it easily though!
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    Archive through March 08, 2017

    Marlin, I only had to remove one wheel on Ian's 102 and boy howdy!! Tough to say the least. Dad wants to help me work on the cozy cab, so I'm waiting for weather condusive to him wanting to be outside and work. I think after a year of retirement he's caught up on the rest he's missed in the last...
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    Archive through February 21, 2017

    I did a test with an electric fuel pump on my 782 and left the old pump where it is. I don't have a cube like Steve suggested but am getting one. You don't want a hole in the block, it just begs for some kind of problem to happen. The old pump will be great block off plate, and using the hose...
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    Archive through February 07, 2017

    Worst I had on dad's 1450 was the power wire fall off last year and blow the fuse(between fuse and switch) I fixed that up and he still loves having hydro drive and lift! He's been eyeing my 782 in his garage.... Along with the space to park a car! Becareful Ethan, once you get one, you need...
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    Archive through December 15, 2016

    Charlie if you didn't like the last pic, well, you wouldn't like what we did! I've not lubricated the rebuilt starter on my 1200 at all, and it's going on 5 years. Not to say the shop I use didn't put anything on it before they gave back to me.
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    Archive through November 19, 2016

    Charlie's new project has me thinking. On the cozy cabs, were they made differently for narrow and wide frames? Would the one on my 104 fit on my 129 or 1450 per say?
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    Archive through September 17, 2016

    That's what I thought! Popped other 44a deck on 1200, mowed front yard, shut down to open gate, fired back up and thought the engine was going to take flight! She throttles back down and idles, but anything higher and it seams like the governor isn't working at all. Just opens the carb wide...
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    Archive through September 04, 2016

    Oh, and I'll be trying to do the trunion repair on #2-1450, only likes full forward or reverse, not surprised considering condition at purchase last year. I know, When everybody gets home, I'll line in driveway and take a family photo. That'll be a couple weeks. And I'll have to bring...
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    Archive through July 04, 2016

    David, that 126 looks fantastic! No parades for me, other work to do this weekend. I got to get 1450 back this week and play nice with the 782 carb. Jason, I'm so happy you got your 149 going again, I love pics and trials and tribulations stories, makes me feel I'm not alone in that.
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    Archive through April 07, 2016

    I have been thinking about having a tag line like "Collecting 1450's instead of the whole series" I missed the boat on them anyway. Literally a big ole caddy pulling a 6x12 or so trailer.
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    Archive through March 27, 2016

    I enjoyed running my 1200 last year over to mow a friend's yard and getting stopped by a 6 year old who wanted a ride on the 'big' tractor! I mow with ags and weights for the hillside. His mom said no, but I let him sit on it in the driveway for a few minutes, shutoff of course, brake locked...