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    LCGLY New Starter Relay Solenoid Switch Compatible with 1956-up and B-6A-11450A C6AF C7AF C3912 C9AF D2AF11450AA 50-430, 12V Heavy Duty SW3 12-Volt,B6AZ-11450-A,Ford Jeep Lincoln Mercury 1958-1991 $11.99 on amazon I use this one as a replacement every time.
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    Steering wheel removal

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    Installing an electric power steering in my 1440.

    I understand "turned 80" same with me
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    K 241 carburetor

    manuals provide a starting setting. Once it's running it needs to be tweaked
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    Check the oil level before starting. If high it could be a carb leaking gas into the cylinders problem.
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    Parts Wanted ISO main jets

    O/A torch tip cleaner works great to clean carb jets.
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    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    I ALWAYS use never seize on spark plug threads. In any engine I work on ALWAYS
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    New to the forum Middleburg Florida

    YEP you are correct......... i sent you a text 904 477 4956
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    New to the forum Middleburg Florida

    Call me 90404774956 I'm In Middleburg. 80 years old still working and helping folks with their toys. It would be best to TEXT ME to avoid my spam filter. Just an afterthought.
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    Got a year old XT1 LT46 w/ KT725 - 22hp

    Chances are it's just stuck, Varnished up, The carb also needs to be cleaned also
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    I don't see this problem ....... Maybe you should use the grease gun more often. Oh, and btw mine is air-operated.
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    Zero turn - HELP!!

    Sounds to me like the MAIN METERING JET needed to be cleaned. Just take it out and run a torch tip cleaned through it. "the only way to clean one" in my opinion. Over time these new fuels will restrict the tiny hole in the jet. depending on the engine/carburetor combination you can just remove...
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    Oil soaked Kohler Command 18hp cleaning

    Check the air filter. I f wet with oil it will flood the engine and it will not start.
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    1450 hydro line replacement experience

    Double flare, single flare, tight bends, or no tight bends......... It freakin works and makes you happy. MY OPINION? GOOD JOB YOUNG MAN !!
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    More new stuff for the shop!

    QUINCY make a nice compressor their valves hold up really well. When I had my repair shop Quincy & Rol-Air were the best. But I liked Quincy valves better than Rol-Air who used a floating rectangular reed. Quincy had a round spring loaded disk, the seat held up better and could be reground. Use...
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    1862 Governor surging

    I use a welding tip cleaner. They come in various sizes and are perfect to clean the various openings in the carbs.
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    XT1 repair

    "The shop told me the valve cover was leaking and that the gasket was integral". INTERESTING, very interesting
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    XT1 repair

    Valve cover???? how did the valve cover wear out? You need to learn how to do routine maintenance or find a good shade tree mechanic.