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  1. mgonitzke


    If you are not concerned with originality, a starter solenoid from the lawn and garden section of your local big box store will work.
  2. mgonitzke

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    Mig weld it. Wrap a wet rag around the part of the trunnion that goes into the transmission so you don't cook the seal. Instead of that rectangular repair piece, I would weld up the corners and file them square again, unless it is so bad the slot is broken out or something. At any rate, you...
  3. mgonitzke

    Mower deck and plow will not extend but retracts fine

    The control valve mounting bracket has probably slipped on the steering column a bit and needs to be re-positioned.
  4. mgonitzke

    982 headlight frustrations

    Sounds like you have the wires routed wrong, i.e. both positive terminals to one bulb and both negatives to the other, or someone before you has messed up the wiring. Got a pic of that area?
  5. mgonitzke

    Parts for rebuilding the steering column on 100

    I'd replace that pin. Odds are if you try to adjust it, it will bind, assuming that it was adjusted properly when it was new and then allowed to wear to that extent. All of those I have rebuilt lately I have replaced the original pin with a new one made from a Grade 8 bolt. In my opinion...
  6. mgonitzke

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    Here are some things to read through that address those issues: http://cubfaq.com/hydrolurch.html http://cubfaq.com/hydroslopfix.html http://cubfaq.com/trunionrepair.html http://cubfaq.com/neutraladjust.html
  7. mgonitzke

    Hydrostat in 1811 stopped pulling

    There are three spiral pins in the driveshaft. Are all three intact? Does the hydraulic lift still work? When is the last time the fluid and filter were changed?
  8. mgonitzke

    K301 rod

    How so? Looks like every broken rod I have ever seen... Only thing we can really tell for sure is the rod cap bolts were not loose.
  9. mgonitzke

    K301 rod

    Probably lack of oil, or simply fatigue failure- too many hours, or there might have been a flaw in the rod casting. Those two smaller pieces look like the governor flyweights. The nylon governor gear probably got destroyed by all the shrapnel flying around in there after the rod let go.
  10. mgonitzke

    narrow frame mower ID

    The "42 Do not step" decal is not for that mower deck and is erroneously included in that kit.
  11. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet qa42a soon to be qa42b snowthrower

    It will not start with the PTO engaged. You guys are overthinking this. Engage the PTO at idle and it will be fine.
  12. mgonitzke

    782D journey

    Those rag joint bolts are WAY too tight. Tighten them until they just slightly start to deform. One pair of bolts looks too short too; might need to replace those so you will still have enough threads showing through the nut when they are tightened properly.
  13. mgonitzke

    Inflation (price gouging) is out of control

    Based on his other auctions, he's either completely out of touch with what these items are going for, or he's just trying to take advantage of people that are too lazy or dumb to do any sort of comparison shopping. Either way, that is not "inflation"...
  14. mgonitzke

    Cold Start

    Someone could read that and actually think it takes that long to fill the carb. Not everyone here is going to be at the same level of understanding of how all of these things work.
  15. mgonitzke

    Cold Start

    Bowl will be full by the time you go from standing next to the tractor to sitting on the seat.
  16. mgonitzke

    782D journey

    Should have done this instead. Diesels are really hard on the rag joint style driveshafts.
  17. mgonitzke

    Question on the 169

    Yes, that is normal. That is what the oil vapor condenses on so it can drain back into the crankcase.
  18. mgonitzke

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    You mean the wire-grate looking part? It's supposed to help keep from throwing rocks or putting your hand where it doesn't belong. In my experience, it just helps it clog. Most of those have disappeared for a reason.
  19. mgonitzke

    kohler K17 series 2 engin fail

    Maybe. If he compared both cranks side by side and made sure they didn't change anything else, it might be possible. At some point, the jugs changed too...early ones have a gasket between the jug and case half, later ones had RTV. Valves and seats changed a bit as well, but I think that occurred...
  20. mgonitzke

    1641 oil in aircleaner

    Is the oil full of gas? Breather may be malfunctioning, too.