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  1. digger


    It's on the Starter/Solenoid page. https://www.ccspecialties.org/starters.html
  2. digger

    Cub 149 fresh .010 rebuild

  3. digger

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    Thanks man! You'll do just fine! (y)
  4. digger

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    I've got everything you'll need. https://www.ccspecialties.org/hydroparts_holddowns.html
  5. digger

    Parts for rebuilding the steering column on 100

    Either one will work just fine. One is just longer than the other and both are hardened to last as long or longer than OEM.
  6. digger

    Parts for rebuilding the steering column on 100

    Did ya look at the pic David? :errrr:
  7. digger

    Parts for rebuilding the steering column on 100

    That one is shot and wore plum out.
  8. digger

    newbee here

    Welcome to the forum! (y)
  9. digger

    Bb36 gear box

    The gears should work from the tiller to the thrower unless the height of the gears is different. There are 2 styles of gears for both the throwers and tillers. The tiller gear will really spin the thrower though.
  10. digger

    narrow frame mower ID

    Measure blade tip to blade tip, that will tell the tale. It should have a metal tag riveted on it as well. Post a pic as well if you can as all decks are not created equal, even if they are the same size.
  11. digger

    Cold and a 1650 Hydro Unit

    NO! Synthetic will not work backwards! The SU15's are not designed to use it! :bash:
  12. digger

    Tractor Wanted Wanted Cub 2072 and Yes I wreak of desperation

    That's odd, since my 1450 with a QA36A does pretty well for Minnesota snows.
  13. digger

    Plug for our sponsors

    Thanks again for the order man! (y)
  14. digger


    Federal yellow 991084R2LF is the best.
  15. digger

    Cub Cadet wood splitter

    He's a little quickie for ya on the Unicorn. http://cubfaq.com/video/splitter.MPG
  16. digger

    Mower spindle bearings

    The parts lookup is a great source for info. https://www.cubcadet.com/en_US/content-asset-page-includes/ari-partstream.html
  17. digger

    Mower spindle bearings

    Thanks Man! (y)
  18. digger

    Mower spindle bearings

    I stock that spacer, https://www.ccspecialties.org/implementparts_2.html
  19. digger

    Cub Cadet wood splitter