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  1. RAllison

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    Noah I know when I repaired the trunion on a127&147.I did both without breaking the tractor all down.
  2. RAllison

    1450 Transmission Assistance

    Repairing the trunion is how I found this awsome site!!!
  3. RAllison

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum Henry,glad to have ya!!!
  4. RAllison

    782D journey

    Coming along nicely!
  5. RAllison

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the forum Greg!
  6. RAllison

    New Here

    Welcome to the forum Shawn,from up here in N.Indiana
  7. RAllison

    147 Cub Plowing Snow!

    T That reply somehow went sideways on me
  8. RAllison

    147 Cub Plowing Snow!

  9. RAllison

    782D journey

    Looks good!
  10. RAllison

    Name's Noah

    Welcome to the forum Noah!
  11. RAllison

    Hello name is John.

    Welcome to the forum John,glad to have ya! Got some pics?
  12. RAllison

    G'day from Australia!

    Welcome to the forum Graham!
  13. RAllison

    semi refurb on 100

    Great Dave,I'll get with you later today on it!
  14. RAllison

    semi refurb on 100

    I'm looking for one of those brackets if you're interested in selling it,if so PM me.
  15. RAllison


    Oh yeah!
  16. RAllison


    Outta do it!
  17. RAllison

    semi refurb on 100

    That's coming along nice,well done!
  18. RAllison

    Iowa Cub Cadet

    Welcome to the forum Austin!
  19. RAllison

    Hello from West Michigan

    Welcome to the forum Justin,glad to have ya!
  20. RAllison

    Mower spindle bearings

    This is why I love this forum! I have a loose spindle as well on the same deck,with this diagram I now have something to look at. Maybe I put it back together wrong,Idk.