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    Parts Wanted Factory taillights

    Are the originals not flat almost flush in the fender where you turn the bulb socket out from behind to change the bulbs or is that just a 1980's thing
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    Road trip

    Not a nice day but worth the road trip
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    Bevertail Trailer pros and cons

    No ramps pulling in and out trying to line them up to things (wheels) no extra person to guide you up on them so you don't fall off just tilt drive or winch on strap down make sure deck is locked and away ya go good luck
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    451 blower 4 cheap

    Thanks nice work I might try, mine looks like your original one, was going to lay fibreglass over it but will probably go the other direction all they do is stop the snow from making the belt slip and people with no common sense from losing digits LOL thanks again
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    451 blower 4 cheap

    Did you fibreglass over it or fab one out of aluminum sheet
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    Yes what is the one in the middle
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    125 Cub

    Hi there just wondering how much would a guy pay for a cub Cadet 125 with cab, snowblower and mower deck has hydraulic lift and I just seen in the picture has rear shaft for running equipment there is a price on it but I don't want to over pay if I was to get it,oh and it's a runner. Thanks for...
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    Yes it's the tensioner for the bottom pulley should be a spring attached
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    85/86 982 international Cub Cadet

    Must have hit the 6 instead of 5 thanks for the information so this was probably the time MTD was starting to take over ?? Correct
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    85/86 982 international Cub Cadet

    Thanks for the information I will certainly check it out when I get a chance Thanks
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    85/86 982 international Cub Cadet

    Have had my 982 international Cub Cadet 19.9 Onan two cylinder a few years now there was some small things that needed to be done but for the age is expected she only has 1661 hours, just got her all set up for the snow that is on its way weather we want it or not, ended up near the end of last...
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    Considering purchasing a 451 snow thrower

    You could also find a spare set of rims and mount snow tires on them if not enough grip add a few tire studs
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    Rear End Oil

    HY-TRANS ultraction take a empty container to the local farm equipment dealer they have bulk and just fill what you need
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    450 Two stage blower

    Works good for being positioned in front of the two exhaust outlets that keeps it warm all the time, coated it this fall but a waist of time just came off, plugged a couple times last year but just Bent the two rods in the chute forward's a bit and been good so far
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    450 Two stage blower

    My 450 is steel and original 1985 ish
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    450 Two stage blower

    Just got one Just got one at the local hydraulic guy this week went with the 3 inch long fifty bucks plus tax cut in half then you have a spare
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    need help with 450 snowthrower

    I will try after I get it put back together threw the splines on the impeller fan so have to get it bored and insert new coupling and reassemble first