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  1. J

    Bosch Blue coil

    $100 to prove that a working coil is not bad? Not going to happen in this lifetime. Ho, Ho, Ho. Just show me a big blue spark off of the big wire and no smoke off the little wires and I'm a happy camper. I have several of those $100 meters but the big blue spark test is much more accurate...
  2. J

    Bosch Blue coil

    You will not get "correct" resistance readings unless you disconnect the the wires from the terminals, because you are "charging" the condenser. After it is charged the resistance will stabilized but the reading will include the coil and the condenser and not the 3-4 ohms that you are expecting.
  3. J

    2185 fuse issues

    https://www.amazon.com/Xtreme-Outdoor-Power-Equipment-Bundle/dp/B01G5W72XE/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2M1TY3OHKDNNE&keywords=917+3390+pto&qid=1662086754&sprefix=917+3390+pto%2Caps%2C61&sr=8-4 Amazon is your friend!!!! About $185 :banana-guitar:
  4. J

    New 108 is home.

    OK, Good, I've been told it is an easy mistake to make. LOL
  5. J

    New 108 is home.

    Silly question................... Which terminal on the coil is the condenser connected to?
  6. J

    New 108 is home.

    That is NOT a S/G tractor, but it is spinning the right direction.
  7. J

    New 108 is home.

    Magnified as far as possible in windows, it appears wrong to me. Then again, remember the wagon wheels spinning backwards in the old movies. I'll leave it to your expertise to explain CCW looking at the front of the pulley.
  8. J

    New 108 is home.

    If you stand on your head and view the last video, you will think it is turning the correct direction:roflol:.
  9. J

    No compression on 108

    Lets all send Dustin a Qt. of compression until he finishes reading this. https://resources.kohler.com/power/kohler/enginesUS/pdf/tp_2379.pdf :popcorn1::snacks:
  10. J


    If my Super is going to catch fire, I would much rather it be behind than in front.:yikes:
  11. J

    2182 charging problems ?

    Starting at the battery check for bad grounds.
  12. J

    Parts Wanted Creeper gear for 128

  13. J

    Brinly planter info needed

    So nice to see a success story, rather than a dead end, GOOD JOB!
  14. J

    Gardens 2022

  15. J

    Kohler k181 tachometer / temp gauge

    I have had a Tiny-Tach on a 2284 Super for about 10 years. I don't care about hours, the built in meter works well for that. The super mows much better if you can keep the RPM's above 3000
  16. J

    782 died while hot, most likely problem?

    Rather than throwing $50-$100 solutions at the problem, I would suggest checking $0 solutions. Battery terminals and ground connections, especially that one under the battery box.
  17. J

    A bit of memorabilia

    My Pappy told me if you can't say something intelligent, don't say anything. 🙄
  18. J

    Kohler k181 tachometer / temp gauge

    Tiny Tach https://tinytach.com/gasoline-tinytach Simple, convenient accurate.