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  1. jhately

    Seeking Mahindra Support Group

    Gomorning all I added a Mahindra Max 22 HST TLB to my Cub collection and I’m looking (unsuccessfully) for a support group like this. Any help would be appreciated. Godspeed
  2. jhately

    Added a Mahindra 22 Max TBL

    Thank you for the link.
  3. jhately

    Added a Mahindra 22 Max TBL

    Good morning allAgreed My Cub collection now has a foreigner in the barn, a used Mahindra 22 Max. I have searched the Internet high and low for a Forum like ours here without success. Does anyone know of such a Mahindra Users Forum that you could point me to? Thx so much
  4. jhately

    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    I needed to add the rear end supports from Xtreme as the front aluminum housing was cracked, causing the driveshaft to wear excessively. I also replaced the driveshaft with a CV driveshaft to eliminate the centrifugal clutch in the driveline. Good luck on your project.
  5. jhately

    cub cadet restore

    Yes my Kubota engine has a belt driving the alternator
  6. jhately

    CC 1572 Front Remote size?

    thank you. Wry much for answering my question.
  7. jhately

    CC 1572 Front Remote size?

    Question - p. The 1572 front remotes, is there a feed and return of does it matter for the upper and lower remote females. Also, should I release pressure in the lines before connecting to the tractor ?
  8. jhately

    CC 1572 Front Remote size?

    Good mooring all, I found the Hydraulic connections thx to Roland. When connected and tractor running, I get now movement but I hear the Fluid pump working. I suspect it might be the dual controller at the dash. Strong possibility the from remotes have never been used on my 1572 so I'm thinking...
  9. jhately

    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    Thx Harry, I also needed that info cheers
  10. jhately

    CC 1572 Front Remote size?

    Very much appreciated rbedell
  11. jhately

    CC 1572 Front Remote size?

    Hey all I’m trying to find out the size of the front hydraulic remotes. I made some hoses with ¼” NPT and the quick detach is smaller on the 1572. They are very close to fitting. Is it possible it’s ⅛”NPT? thx
  12. jhately

    42” mower deck differences

    Great info, thx
  13. jhately

    Johnson work horse model 10

    I have the same Johnson, great to see another one.
  14. jhately

    Johnny bucket jr.

    I have a 3 pt Johnny Bucket on my 1512 Diesel and I love it. Great all round implement.
  15. jhately

    Kubota B600 Gear Reduction Starter

    Thx everyone for the info.
  16. jhately

    Kubota B600 Gear Reduction Starter

    Morning all, I've heard about Gear Reduction starters for my SGT 1572 Diesel. Can someone explain why these are beneficial please? Do they add more torque, or speed compared to the OEM starter? I'd love to get a Part # and anyone's experience please. Godspeed John
  17. jhately

    54" Plow Bracket and Hydraulic Cylinder

    Thx but I am looking for the connector fitting type without removing it to take to a dealer. Once I know the fitting types, then I’ll get them made.
  18. jhately

    54" Plow Bracket and Hydraulic Cylinder

    Happy New Year. I am looking for the hydraulic hose fittings that work with my 1572 SGT on the front remotes? Stay safe everyone. 🙏