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    Looking for the tiller lift bar/equipment for a 1973 129

    I would like to purchase all the stuff I need to connect the tiller to the lift handle on my tractor. I finally have the rest of it figured out. Thank you for your help! Please text me. My number is 940-634-7700. Thank you!
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    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    Sorry for the spelling. Auto spell sucks.
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    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    So does anyone know what year and model mine is?? I wish it was an older one like dad had. All I could find.
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    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    I do understand how the mile drive works. I help my dad install his many times. I just didn’t know there were different mule drives. If anyone has the one I need and wants to sell it or trade for the one I have It would be greatly appreciated!! So glad I found this site. Thank you guys.
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    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    I have recently purchased an old international Harvester cub cadet like my dad and I used to use to run his tiller in the garden growing up. I’ve always wanted one. I have the tiller that he had and was trying to get it hooked up but I keep running into problems. The last problem I have is I...