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    Wbest - returning member

    I haven't posted for quite a while, but now have decided to sell my Cub Cadet parts. I have some original IH hydro oil filters in the IH boxes. $20 each. I have a three point hitch assembly for wide frame for $200. I have engine parts, engine tin, oil pans, starters (not S/G) for Quiet Lines...
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    Parts Wanted Cub Cadet 109 need mule drive and carriage frame.

    I am in need of a mule drive and carriage frame for my 109. I have a very good 44 inch deck. I am at Greencastle, IN about 40 miles west of Indy. Not sure how I ended up without the mower frame and mule drive. It has been sitting in the garage for several years. Hopefully someone near...
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    Tunnel Covers

    Sitting here thinking about tunnel covers, the one I have is from a 1450 and I don't know if it will fit a 782. It is possible that they were changed between the wide frame models and the 82 series. I will have to check on this. Sorry for the previous assumption in the prior post.
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    Looking for 782 parts

    I am in central Indiana near Greencastle. I have the tunnel cover. It is off a different model (probably a 1450) but should fit. It is free if that will help.
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    Cub Cadet Original Tower

    A friend near Brazil, Indiana, is restoring an Original that was his father's tractor. He needs the tower/battery box assembly. He has the steering column so doesn't need that part. If you have the part and would like to connect up with him call 812-835-4494. I would appreciate it and I...
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    Wanted Snow Blower for my 782. near Central Indiana.

    Would like to find a blower west of Indy. I'm at Greencastle. I have wheel weights to trade if interested. Also hitch pieces and other parts.
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    IH Cub Cadets & Lawn Trailers

    Hey HH, nice to hear from you. I haven't done much with my IH stuff lately. Getting ready to move next year so parting with most of my collection. I have my 109 that I have had since 1974. It is still in excellent condition, not sure if I want to part with it yet. Also, will hang on to the...
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    IH Cub Cadets & Lawn Trailers

    The Cadet, Cub Cadets and Trailers in the post with the pictures are all for sale. the 182-$350, no deck; 124-$750; 129-$850; #1 Trailer- $500; #2 Trailer White-$250; #2 Trailer Red- $250; #3 Trailer- $200; #4 Trailers- $250 ea. I have a 42" deck for a CC100-$100; 44" deck- $200; 48" deck-...
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    Would like to find a tiller for my 782. As near to central Indiana as possible. Thanks. William

    Would like to find a tiller for my 782. As near to central Indiana as possible. Thanks. William
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    Archive through September 19, 2017

    That's the lock Allen Head screw for the manual PTO.
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    Archive through September 06, 2017

    I am guilty of just getting on the Forum and scanning through to see if anything grabs me. I will try to contribute in the future. I will soon have to sell some of my Cub Cadets as we are getting to that age. Probably downsize to a retirement size condo or an apartment. My daughter says we...
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    Truckin' and Trailerin' our Cub Cadets

    Thanks for asking about the Scout II. I found it near Detroit several years ago. I believe I am the third owner. It has the 345 engine, I put a 4 bbl. AFB on it a couple years ago. It sounds like it has some kind of performance cam, it does not idle smooth but when you rev it up it comes on...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Did you hear the one about the farmer's daughter and the traveling salesman? No, and you won't because the daughter left for the city, the farmer retired and thanks to the internet there are no more traveling salesman.
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    Wanted To Buy

    Shultzie, I have the hydro speed control knob, the seat spring and the mower height adjusting knob. Tried your email, but came back. Shoot me an email if interested. William
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    Archive through February 17, 2016

    I recently needed the decals for just the hood and the sides of the dash for my 129. I called Maple Hunter, the Riley, IN number (812-894-9759) and got just what I needed without buying the whole kit. Fair price and quick delivery. Riley, IN is just a few miles south and east of Terre Haute...
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    Archive through February 15, 2016

    Bob, thank you for the heart touching story. It made my day, hearing about the people involved and the Cub Cadets. I hope more of the older models will be kept alive. You don't see as many of them advertised as we used to see.
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    Archive through September 25, 2015

    I have an IH 982 for sale. It has the 20 hp Onan with approx. 2500 hours, new paint, 60" mower deck in excellent condition. It starts, drives and runs good. $1500. I have IH wheel weights, $100 pair. Elect. PTO off of a 1250 like new cond. $75. Headlights and tail lights for 129, $80. I am...
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    Archive through November 25, 2014

    Thanks Guys, I'll try Maple Hunter.
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    Archive through November 25, 2014

    I need the hood decals for a Model 129 , also the decals for the sides of the dash. I have the rest of them so hope someone has these. Thanks. William