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    New Guy with Inoperable PTO Clutch on RZT50

    Good morning from Brush Prairie, WA folks. New guy here who just joined up yesterday. I'm dealing with an inoperable PTO clutch on my 2007 RZT50 with 655 hours. I bought the machine used about 6 years ago with 255 hours and have been using it to mow about an acre and a half of my property. It...
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    New member in Brush Prairie, WA

    I took it as such and responded in fun. I never take myself or others too seriously. I have a good ol' time yanking chains on the Slingshot forum. Did you know that life is solely for your entertainment purposes?
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    New member in Brush Prairie, WA

    Well Jim, it wasn't a ranking as much as chronological order but at 61 years old I'm not much of a social media guy. Or even social most of the time! Thanks for the shout out.
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    New member in Brush Prairie, WA

    Good morning and hello folks. I joined this forum while searching for info to troubleshoot the PTO clutch on my RZT50, then realized it's really a tractor forum and not necessarily lawn equipment. No worries, I've already found info to help me with my diagnosis. I pulled the clutch, adjusted and...