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    What model is this?

    When I did a rebuild of my 1250 motor (.010 over bore, all new guts) the cast white metal piece of the muffler box was too busted up to use. I was not able to find a replacement within my budget. As it holds all the sheet metal that surrounds the muffler, and the muffler itself was holey, I...
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    Today's project

    Still driving my 1990 740 turbo wagon, 250? K miles, easy to wrench on… advised a step kid to buy a Volvo XC70, wish I hadn’t. Awesome car to drive but man is it a pain to work on and we’ve done a lot…
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    Just another 129 project

    Is that a robo mower in the background? If so how do you like it?
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    Now, y’all know who appointed the current postmaster general, right?
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    Mower Deck belt woes

    I have had some success with the blue/green Kevlar belts from tractor supply, but only after I worked hard to get the 2 pulleys directly below the pto pulley (1250) aligned well to the pto. They come in 1” size increments I think. But I don’t mow very often…. When I do it’s 1 acre of grass with...
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    My first yellow GT, rough 147

    I put a $23 eBay Chinese carb on a Briggs 8 hp (on a tiller) as I couldn’t find a rebuild kit to fix the leaking original carb and damned if it doesn’t run great. Also put a carb from “I save tractors” on my K 12 hp 1250 when I rebuilt it, it also runs just right. BUT now the last non ethanol...
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    Is there any love for metal shapers on here?

    Neat stuff. In the 80s I worked with an old machinist, he had a functional model from the 1908 Colombian Expo. About the size of a sewing machine. It worked!
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    I'm in need of a set of 26x12x12 tires

    Yeah there must be a way, I just couldn’t get the hang of it.
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    I'm in need of a set of 26x12x12 tires

    Yeah me too. Put tubes in one rear and one front last year and tho I am stubborn and like to do it all myself, next time I’m taking them to a tire shop. I’ve done plenty of motorcycle tires and tubes but it was a real challenge on that front wheel.
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    123 dozer conversion

    Very cool!
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    Mopar (HEMI) guys feared this

    Amazing work. Congrats on your deserved win!
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    Cub Cadet 70

    Me too!
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    Checking RPM

    When I rebuilt my K301 (rebore 10 over, all new guts) I started with one of those units that hooks inline with the spark plug wire but I couldn’t get it to work well at all, so I got the cheapest optical one I could find, maybe $30 bucks, works great. I would go that route.
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    123 dozer conversion

    Amazing! Thanks for posting this, really cool.
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    Hello All

    Somebody on this forum suggested mounting the coil on the frame of the tractor - I did that after a new coil lasted a few hours, havent had a failure since. Of course they have been mounted on the engines forever without problems, but maybe today's more cheaply built coils cant take it, I dunno.
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    CC Specialties

    Yeah it was funny then…..
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    Help with a 169

    Yup I just left it on. The old fan had maybe one or 2 blades left, I think I just sorta chomped it off. Camera is pointed toward the hydro. (1250)
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    Help with a 169

    That is the right way to do it. In my case I had had it apart fairly recently but had chewed up the new fan mowing my rough acre. Lotsa sticks plus I like to use the whole tractor to push back at the brush.