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  1. asmith

    Hello, Good to be a new part of this Forum

    Welcome aboard Bill, Mystery driver?
  2. asmith

    1977 International Cub Cadet

    Welcome Jerry, You have found the Best Cub Cadet site on the internet. Ask away and you will get answers.
  3. asmith

    One more for “the cause”

    Welcome Robert Great looking tractors! I see tail lights on the 128, do you have lights behind the plexiglass? That would be sharp. I live in Harrison County, southern part of state
  4. asmith


    Couldn't have said it better myself Harry.
  5. asmith


    Awesome looking tractor Chris. Everyone likes pictures , so next time take some while working on next project.
  6. asmith

    Been a long Day

    Great looking and great sounding.
  7. asmith

    Dad’s 100

    Great looking tractor. You have awesome skills and ingenuity. Makes me proud to be a fellow Hoosier.
  8. asmith

    Need adapter Kohler KT-17 oil pressure port

    Bought KH-25-168-05 from dealer. Wish I'd seen this before. No longer sold as brass fitting, now steel. How much, don't ask!!!!!!
  9. asmith

    My 1512

    Allen, good looking tractor, I like that front bumper. I've been looking for one for my 1872.
  10. asmith

    1872 oil pressure sending unit SNAFU

    Used a left hand drill bit yesterday and it worked like a charm. The fitting backed out with threads intact.
  11. asmith

    1872 oil pressure sending unit SNAFU

    Thanks Jerry, I've been debating that method. Requires removing a few more parts to be able to get at it.
  12. asmith

    1872 oil pressure sending unit SNAFU

    1872 had a major leak in front of engine on right side. Changed the seal and decided to change oil pressure sending unit. Didn't see the reducer under the unit and snapped the brass fitting off at the block. I can't budge the part left in the block with a retractor any suggestions.
  13. asmith

    1811 trouble

    Had same issue on my 1872, it would run fine and then it would stop like I turn it off. Turned out to be bad coil.
  14. asmith

    K321 Laboring hard after warming up

    Did you check for the mouse nest in the flywheel cover as suggested? It happens.
  15. asmith

    Cub cadet circus

    Yes Roger and my brother (AJ) were true cub cadet enthusiasts. I miss them both. Kent how many of your fathers cubs did you inherit.
  16. asmith

    New member from Indiana

    Welcome John, We need pictures of this fabulous find.
  17. asmith

    Archive through February 03, 2015

    Charlie, By any chance did the 125 come from Kentucky. I knew a gentleman who had one that was just as nice with a nos seat. He passed away a year or so back and thought his sons were to inherit his collection. Just wondering.
  18. asmith

    2284 fuel pump problems

    I'm having trouble with the fuel pump on my 2284. I first thought it was the fuel shutoff solenoid, so I replaced that and no help. I am now convinced it's the fuel pump. Original equipment was an electrical pump, didn't last long. It currently has a fuel pump that's built into the valve cover...
  19. asmith

    Archive through August 22, 2013

    Paul T. As Tom H. said or didn't say the springs and brackets were used to put down pressure on the rake. Nice find btw.
  20. asmith

    Archive through August 08, 2013

    I'm receiving the same error message and also clear my cache daily. I don't believe it's on our end.