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  1. Larry Liberto

    Greetings from North Central WV!

    Welcome to the group Ed. I'm from Northern West Virginia
  2. Larry Liberto

    Narrow frame question

    I'd buy it from you.
  3. Larry Liberto

    122 Narrow frame

    Have fun with it.
  4. Larry Liberto

    122 in West Virginia

    Serial Number 164209
  5. Larry Liberto

    Pre paint prep

    Awesome! I'd love to have a 169.
  6. Larry Liberto

    Are there any baggers for the 122?

    I have a 122 with the 42" mower deck and was wondering if anyone knew of any baggers that would work well with it. Thanks
  7. Larry Liberto

    Pre paint prep

    POR-15 and many others don't remove the rust but convert it into something. I honestly can't remember what. However, many professional automotive restoration shops swear by it. Personally, I prefer the Naval Jelly but I'm not a professional.
  8. Larry Liberto

    Pre paint prep

    There's a plethora of products like POR-15, Naval Jelly, Muriatic Acid that can neutralize/remove rust in preparation for paint.
  9. Larry Liberto

    Pre paint prep

    Kevin, when was the last time you tried using Rustoleum? I know today's Rustoleum isn't the same formula than it was back in the 80s or prior.
  10. Larry Liberto

    Paint for a Original restoration.

    In my case, mine is a worker that's going to get scratched up and dented over and over again. Mine isn't a restore but I do like to protect it. So Rustoleum is a great solution and very easy to get as many stores in my small town carry it. Getting the real stuff either requires a couple hour...
  11. Larry Liberto

    Paint for a Original restoration.

    Canvas White looks the best to me for Rustoleum although others will tell you that Almond is closer. To my eye the Almond has too much "yellow" in it. For the yellow, the closest in Rustoleum that I have found is Marigold. However, I do not believe they make it in a quart, only spray cans...
  12. Larry Liberto

    CUB CADET 123

    What size mower deck and where is it located?
  13. Larry Liberto

    1282 for sale

    Where is it located?
  14. Larry Liberto

    Model 122 question

    I kind of like the yellow foot rests.
  15. Larry Liberto

    Favorite model?

    I like the old ones just because of their looks. For me the 129s or older is what I like. Right now my favorite is the 122 because it is the one I own.
  16. Larry Liberto

    IH-CC 122 w/ issues while driving

    What the Farmall Cub guys suggest for cleaning out their transmission, which it is my understanding that the Cub 122 has the same transmission, is to drain it, fill it with kerosene, drive it around for a few minutes, drain again and finally fill with the proper fluid.
  17. Larry Liberto

    IH-CC 122 w/ issues while driving

    So it's a moister concern that warrants the use of HyTran? Wouldn't the use of SeaFoam in SAE-30 be just as good?
  18. Larry Liberto

    IH-CC 122 w/ issues while driving

    I am really confused by this notion that you must use hi-tran. It is my understanding that the transmission in the 122 is the same one from the Framall Cub. On the Framall Cub the manual says use SAE-30 and on the 122 the manual say hi-tran or SAE-30. So, why would you say he has to use hi-tran...
  19. Larry Liberto

    New Member from West Virginia

    Thanks. I should have posted a before picture of the mower deck. It was rotten. As for the lift, it does have a spring assist but in a couple of parts buckets there is also a hydraulic lift. I hope to work on that some day to determine if it is actually salvageable.
  20. Larry Liberto

    New Member from West Virginia

    Hello, My name is Larry or LJ. I used to have a few Farmall Cubs but sold them and purchased a Cub Cadet 122. It came with a tired and worn out 42" mower deck and a tiller attachment. I repaired the mower deck enough to get me through this current mowing season and in the future I plan on...