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  1. J

    Bb36 gear box

    Well the tiller gears are the same tooth count but the bigger one is just a touch taller and I can’t tighten the cap or it hits the gear and locks it up. Found a 3 tab gearbox on eBay from bullpen so I’m waiting on that. Only One of my 3 tiller gearboxes is a 3 tab and it goes to my 105 which...
  2. J

    Tractor For Sale 62 Original

    30 hour drive and 1900 miles or I would be all over this. Love my originals.
  3. J

    Parts Wanted 1450 rear lift

    I ended up getting my rear lift from Hamilton bobs
  4. J

    Bb36 gear box

    Ok thank you both. I forgot to count the gears last night. I will tonight. And maybe open a tiller box up and look.
  5. J

    Bb36 gear box

    I had a set screw come loose on my snow blower and let the shaft slide and gears separate. My question is I have 3 tiller gear boxes and only 2 tillers and was wondering if those bevel gears are the same. Any thoughts would be great. Thank you.
  6. J

    Kirks transdenser K17 true accounts

    Ok my bad and I do understand about not pushing it out into the street or road and into the yard and my comment is about if you open up your driveway you just made a spot for the whole blade of snow to release in to your driveway making it seem like the plow driver picking on you and putting the...
  7. J

    Kirks transdenser K17 true accounts

    You’re right I don’t know where you live and doesn’t matter. Just my own opinion.
  8. J

    Funny Ads

    Don’t like the color for sure and a few other things but that is a lot of work done to it for sure. That diamond plate aluminum looks ok in a few spots.
  9. J

    Kirks transdenser K17 true accounts

    Opening a can of worms here and you do your thing but where do you think the town plow guy is supposed to put the snow. In everyone else’s driveway because you have yours all cleared up and it’s not your snow. I would prefer to have my street plowed and safe for my family and if needed the...
  10. J

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    I believe that we have all been there and done that. My April of 61 4 digit original was one of those that they couldn’t get running and I did. Closed the points down from 020 to .015 and runs pretty good. One of my pride and joys.
  11. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    Ok great and thank you. Ordered already.
  12. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    No this part. Goes on the front pointing down.
  13. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    I have another question about the snowblower. It is missing the guard on the front and center. Does that help carry snow out the chute or just keep it from throwing more in front of you. I’ve got the blower off of the tractor again and going to do a little bit of repair on the mounting bracket...
  14. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    Thanks Ken I will try that. I have to do a few other things to it also. It was cobbled together on a wide frame quick attach and works but not correctly.
  15. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    Yes going to strip the 124 completely down. And the 105 back blade and 1450 has the blower. The blower don’t work that well but it’s been pretty wet heavy snow and the exhaust blows right on to the chute hence melting the snow and plugging it up.
  16. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    We have about 2 feet of settled snow now. Pretty odd for here this early in the season
  17. J

    Ava’s 124 refurbish

    With the break in all of the snow I’m finally getting some time to work on my granddaughters 124.
  18. J


    This is my clutch press. Works great.
  19. J

    Finally after 7 years a QA 36

    My qa 36 that was farmered on to a wide frame qa. It took a little work but I got it working on my 1450. The exhaust kind of keeps the chute to warm but good cold dry snow blows ok.
  20. J

    winter projects to stay busy

    Thanks Robert. I have been him hawing around about buying a lathe and milling machine combo for a while (grizzly 4015) I think but just couldn’t talk myself in to it. So I just got a HF mini to start with. See how I like it.