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    Wood splitting

    Your locust wood must be a mite different than my black locust wood. My locust is the reason I bought a hydraulic power splitter. I still use the manual one for the straight grained ash.
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    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    That is basically what happened with the General Electric Elec-trak tractors from the early 70s. A great idea and the 36 volt tractors were excellent but service became problematic with few trained personnel to work on them and when the six 6-volt batteries gave out after a few years, the cost...
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    CLEAN Jokes

    And multiply by two.
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    Single or Married.

    In my case, the number of Cub Cadets is directly proportional to the number of cookbooks my wife has collected. Lots.
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    Cold Feet

    I've had a pair of Sorel boots for close to 20 years and each winter they're still my go-to choice for winter footwear. Kinda pricey, but they're warm and the lower portions of the boots are waterproof and best of all (to me), they're comfortable for walking in the snow or when using the...
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    Corn sheller

    Nice machine - I have a similar one that I use every year to remove the outer husks from black walnuts and butternuts. It took a little adjusting, but it works like a charm.
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    Cub 149 deck, snow blower, chains...Asking $950.00

    I regret that I'm going to pass up the 149 - since I retired I realize that I have just too many projects waiting for me and the energy I used to have. Thanks for your help. Dick Green
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    Cub 149 deck, snow blower, chains...Asking $950.00

    Any idea what the PTO needs for repair? And can the tractor be driven as it is now? I'm around the corner from you in Wyoming County. Thanks. Dick Green
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    1962 horse

    I have two Troy-Bilt Horse tillers - one from 1973 with a 6 horsepower Tecumseh engine and the other from the mid-1980s with an 8 horsepower Briggs engine. They were the largest Troy-Bilt tillers in the lineup. I actually bought the 1973 direct from the factory in Troy, NY and it was delivered...
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    Geezer's Garage access

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    Wire sizes for 149/169

    I checked out Roland's wiring schematics and wondered if there's any information available on the various wire sizes.
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    1450 Grill spring fasteners

    Yup, it's a little tight for large old hands, but after you've done it a couple of times it gets easier.
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    Thanks - I appreciate your help.
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    WOT???? Sorry, I don't understand.
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    Archive through August 02, 2016

    Hi there. I put a new voltage regulator on my 169, and it seems to be overcharging the battery. Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust one of the newer style regulators? It's an aftermarket (<font color="ff0000">&#149;</font><font color="ff0000">&#149;</font><font...