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  1. bcarl

    No snow

    No use for the snow thrower in South Central PA this winter. So I used the loader instead.
  2. bcarl

    Few pics

    I just installed a Concentrix pump from Northern Tool to replace the Cessna pump on my Danco loader. Works great.
  3. bcarl

    Snow blower project

    It’s a hitch bolt not a bracket bolt as I first stated. I believe there is a nut welded to the frame on the inside which the hitch bolt is threaded into. There is a shoulder on the hitch bolt that allows for the space to hook the rear bracket on. Here’s a picture of the mount on my 147. Not a...
  4. bcarl

    Snow blower project

    Here’s a link to the operators manual. http://ccmanuals.info/pdf/QA%2036A%20&%2042A%20Snowthrower%20Operators%20Manual.pdf. This is the manual for the wide frame CC which it appears you have. There is a bracket bolt on the frame to attach the rear mount. It appears from you photo the bracket...
  5. bcarl

    1967 Cub 105 drive shaft roll pin

    If your handy with a welder you can weld up the worn slot and drill out the opening. My son-in-law fixed some for me by welding up the worn area.
  6. bcarl

    Return of the clutch noise. Possibly bent shaft?

    I had the same issue with a noisy clutch yesterday. I had a spare drive plate with a good bushing to swap. Took me almost as long to find the spare in my parts boxes as it did to swap the drive plates.
  7. bcarl

    IHCC 127 electrical. Dumber than I look

    Check the wiring diagram I sent you. The wire from the solenoid to the amp meter should be to the positive side of the meter. The wire from the switch should be on the negative side. Also it looks lIke there are two wires hooked up to the gen on the voltage regulator. I‘m not positive but I...
  8. bcarl

    coil question and introduction

    I have only had one condenser ever go bad. It was all at once. I initially checked points, coil, spark plug, etc. as there was no spark. Finally swapped a condenser from another engine which solved the problem.
  9. bcarl

    IHCC 127 electrical. Dumber than I look

    Here’s a wiring diagram that may help. The ground wire on my 147 is connected to the top bolt of VR along with the ground wire of the lights.
  10. bcarl

    Weak starter/gen

    Bob, maybe the bearings binding? I had one that would squeal every now and then until I saw the blue smoke at the belt. Locked up tighter than my wallet. I let out a few cuss words pulling that bearing off the shaft.
  11. bcarl

    Wheel weight ID

    They do look similar. I’ve never seen any cast wheel weights without some type of foundry mark until this set.
  12. bcarl

    Wheel weight ID

    Any idea what brand the 50 lb white weights are? They came with the IH stamped weights. I can’t find any marks to identify the white ones. They fit really tight and almost flush with the rim. They are fairly easy to install.
  13. bcarl

    New 108 is home.

    Looks lIke the brushes are missing. Check the armature for contInuity. If the armature is good you should be able to cleanup and rebuild the s/g. CC Specialties has the brushes and other parts to rebuild the s/g.
  14. bcarl

    Parts Wanted Throttle shaft clamp

    I was able to find another one from Ron Hauck at Hauck Enterprises Winfield PA.
  15. bcarl

    Parts Wanted Throttle shaft clamp

    The clamp on the throttle shaft for my 122 broke in half. See photo. Rather than replace the carburetor I would like to replace the clamp. Does anyone have a spare they could sell me? Thanks! Bruce.
  16. bcarl

    Parts For Sale 1966 122 cub part out

    Tyler, I sent you a PM. Bruce.
  17. bcarl

    Parts For Sale 1966 122 cub part out

    I could use a steering wheel.
  18. bcarl

    Clutch issue

    Finally got the clutch rebuild installed. Had to come up with a way to compress the main spring far enough to get the spiral pin in. A bottle jack and a work bench fastened to the wall in my garage worked well. I used a notched piece of half inch electrical conduit to slide over the driveshaft...
  19. bcarl

    Clutch issue

    Thanks Neil. I did check the bushing. I’ll be replacing it as well.
  20. bcarl

    Clutch issue

    Yes I did. The friction disk was worn so I planned to replace it when I pulled the clutch.