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  1. jlspicer

    Archive through May 04, 2018

    Shoot Dave, If I had seen this alittle earlier, I have an extra one or two laying around that I would have sent you for free. Hopefully the ones from Kubota didn't set ya back too much, prolly under ten bucks I assume. Now if you would have tried to get if from CC, they would've hit ya with...
  2. jlspicer

    782D red cub cadet electrical

    Safety switches? PTO switch bumped? If it worked fine, then all the sudden nothing, I always check safety switches to make sure a wire didn't come loose, the safety switch didn't go bad, or the PTO switch isn't on. Next, check the ground(s), especially on the diesels.
  3. jlspicer

    Archive through June 05, 2017

    I wonder if that starter on that K181 is the same one that goes on the 800's Dave. I can't remember if they are the same small ones. If so, and it works, you could sell it and buy 3 or 4 more $75 dollar cubbies.
  4. jlspicer

    AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree

    Paul, Thanks for the pics. Wasn't able to make it this year. And, in typical fashion, it had to rain, LOL. Looks like a great show with a lot of tractors despite the weather. Steve, Did you end up going out to the show?
  5. jlspicer

    WWII Farmall H

    Brian, You're doing an awesome job! I've enjoyed reading this thread from beginning till now. Keep up the good work! Marlin, If I had to guess, the hand crank is stuck underneath the radiator where the sleeve slides out of the front casting to mesh with the crankshaft. Easier with the...
  6. jlspicer

    Gardens 2017

    Everything messed up around here Dave. Although those were inside. With this warm weather we've been having, my rhubarb is peeking through, the wife's lillies are a couple inches tall, and the maples want to bud out. Nature is plain bi-polar anymore. And I know I'm ready to get outdoors...
  7. jlspicer

    Archive through March 01, 2017

    Dave, I think Matt G. did some replating and had a writeup on it maybe on his webpage? I'll have to try and find it....... Under edit: I found his webpage. Hope it's ok to post here... Matt's Website
  8. jlspicer

    882 wire harness

    Dave, Glad to hear it worked. I, myself have never used one. But now, I have an alternative if one of mine spring a leak. Now we just have to figure out a replacement for the lower hose without cobbling something together.......
  9. jlspicer

    882 wire harness

    Dave, Got your email. My email's being goofy. I can receive them, but not reply. Gotta figure out what's up with that. Anywho, I should be around. Email me your # and I can call/text you if ya want. Dang email......Grrrrrr.....
  10. jlspicer

    882 wire harness

    Dave, Unfortunately, no, not gonna make it this year. I've got to work....... Make sure to take some pics for us less fortunates..............
  11. jlspicer

    882 wire harness

    Dave, I know guys have bought a radiator hose for a Kubota RTV. Same shape with a "bell" on the end. Cut off the bell and the hose pretty much matches the OEM. Maybe the number Charlie posted is that hose? Under edit: Yep, did some checking and the number Charlie gave is the RTV hose.
  12. jlspicer

    Archive through August 29, 2016

    Dave, Congrats! You have a very nice 126. All your hard work definitely paid off. Kevin, Nice score on the 109. Always better when it's a stone's throw from home. Hope you have it up and running soon.
  13. jlspicer

    Archive through August 26, 2016

    Jim, That process works good. And makes alot of noise, too. Charlie, Now that is funny! Just coughed my coffee all over my computer screen.......
  14. jlspicer

    Antique Acres, Cedar Falls, IA this weekend featuring IH 8-19 thru 21

    Dave, Sorry to hear of your disappointment. I was gonna ask if ya had any pics, but it sounds like you would have had only snapped pics of yours. . I've been really jonesin' for some tractor or cub time of sorts. Mowing the yard just doesn't cut it for me (pun intended). I need to make it...
  15. jlspicer

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    The 782D is still available. Deck is no longer available. Price drop on the tractor to $1800 for forum members.
  16. jlspicer

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    Selling a hard to find Cub Cadet 782 Diesel. Kubota D600 engine. Runs good. Right at 1000 hours. Improvements: Brand new driveshaft, couplers, flex discs. Brand new fuel lines and fuel filters, tank cleaned. All fluids changed, engine oil, hytran, antifreeze. All new filters, air filter, engine...
  17. jlspicer

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    Tiller is spoken for. Will be meandering its way out to Pennsylvania........
  18. jlspicer

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    The rear tiller is still available. Price drop to $1000. She's a nice one. The Super guys know how hard these are to find. Took me two years to find this one.
  19. jlspicer

    IH Farmall 400

    Jeff, How's the old 400 treating ya? Got to use her for any "work" yet around the farm?
  20. jlspicer

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    For sale: Cub Cadet Category 0 2000 RPM 48 inch tiller. Nice shape, no breaks, welds, or issues. Nice, original paint with small amount of surface rust here and there. Always stored inside since I've owned it. Nice, hard to find tiller. Pickup only, too heavy to ship. Can email pics...