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    Parts For Sale Model 70 Cub deck

    For sale I have my deck off from a 1964 Cub.Very solid along with the cast iron pieces on the deck,has newer blades, been sitting in the shed for 15 years.May need new bearings and the back gauge wheels are missing.100 will take it
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    3.50 x 6 Aluminum front rims

    looking for 2 aluminum front rims size is 3.50 x 6" rims , acquired a cub pulling tractor has the 12x12 aluminums in the rear just looking for some fronts,,used would be fine ..thanks!~
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    Snapper won't throttle up

    Did the voltmeter check and has a brand new kohler carb,the float is set right as well,the next thing would be the pin that opens the points.i'm thinking that would be the only thing left its just odd cause i am good at trouble shooting but this one is grinding my gears!thanks guys i'll try it...
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    Snapper won't throttle up

    checked the timing on the snapper and when you line up the S in the sight hole the points do not start opening till you turn the engine over past that position,books states they should open when the S is in the sight hole,took motor off and checked flywheel key all is good so i have exhausted...
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    Snapper won't throttle up

    Thanks Jeremiah i'll look at that before i have to pull the engine to look at the key
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    Snapper won't throttle up

    thanks for the advice Luther but i just checked them valves and weren't to far off i adjusted them anyways and still the same thing.i am now thinking maybe the keyway on the flywheel but that will take some time and if its not i did a ton of work for nothing,but just me thinking!
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    Snapper won't throttle up

    got a snapper im working on with a k-series kohler engine.replaced the points,condenser,plug,wire,coil,new fuel,new carburetor from kohler,fuel filter and went through the wiring everything is correct.okay it runs at idle when you throttle it up it spits gas out the carb and blows black smoke...
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    Archive through April 10, 2014

    For sale i have my cub 125.purchased it 7 years ago with intentions of restoring it but i need room to store other odds and ends so it has to go.has a 3point hitch hydrostatic never had it running,motor is not locked up and i know the air cleaner is missing,other than that it would be a good...
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    Archive through July 15, 2013

    For Sale I have a cub 125 hydro with a 3 point hitch been sitting in the shed for 6 years and deciding to part with it since i have no time to restore,has the motor which turns free,the blue/white pan seat hydrostatic trans,have restored 5 tractors and just don't have time to do another...
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    Archive through April 06, 2011

    i am looking for a cub cadet 1050 LT hood assembly (Newer style cub)u can catch me by email thanks Vern
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    Archive through November 19, 2010

    Tom,if you still have that i.h.234 when i get back from our cruise on the 20th i would like to talk to ya!thanks.
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    Archive through January 09, 2011

    Congratulations Kraig,i know when i restored my 100,i had questions and he had the pictures,also sent him a few of the tricycle front end i fabricated for it.Kraig is a good asset to the cub community!Vern
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    Archive through March 16, 2010

    ist a regular twin and not a v twin!
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    Archive through March 16, 2010

    Looking for a good used 16 hp briggs V-twin horizontal shaft engine to fit a 2000 series cub.does anyone have a engine laying around ?email me at [email protected] thanks!
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    Archive through August 29, 2009

    its actually called a shifter cover that is screwed to the top of the right side fender where the shifter goes through,after further review,thanks Vern
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    Archive through August 29, 2009

    Have a cub cadet 1215 I need the plastic that bolts on the fender deck on the right side of the tractor where the shifter goes through to tell you what gear you are in.i believe its called a shifter pod?manual transmission.mine is broken and am looking for one.let me know,[email protected] thanks!
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    Archive through July 20, 2009

    For Sale i have a Cub Cadet 1215 which runs good needs a deck bearing assembly and the shifter plastic on the fender thats cracked,also have a Cub Cadet 1610 repowered with a 14hp which is a good engine just been sitting and now cannot get it to take off with the key.the 1215 has a 5 speed with...
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    Archive through May 29, 2009

    Looking for a deck spindle assembly for my 1215 Cub.Has a 38"deck let me know if you have one,used is great!email is [email protected] Vern
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    Archive through April 20, 2009

    didn't see it in my email and thanks Charlie,i'll take a peek!