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    Tractor For Sale For Sale 129 Cub Cadet

    FOR SALE: 129 Cub Cadet with 42" mower deck. It's in very good condition and runs great. It was always well maintained. Has the larger size rear tires. Asking $1,000. Call or text 518/423-3199 Can send photos to interested party..
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    For Sale, motors, decks snow cab.

    Have several 14hp Kohler engines for sale. Prices range from $300. - $1,500. depending on condition. Very low hours on some of them. I also have a NOS 14hp short block. Have mower decks, 38, 48 and 44s. Have some good 44 shells starting at $200. Complete decks prices vary depending on...
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    Returning member from upstate NY

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    Archive through January 30, 2004

    Mike L. Glad to see others are aware of the great benefits of Daves PointsSaver. I like the LED feature that allows you to use the static method of setting the points. A feeler gauge is just that, a feel and everybodys is different. Even a timing light is not 100% accurate on these K series...
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    Archive through January 30, 2004

    Hey guys, Most of you that are regulars here know of Dave Kirk and the excellent detailed work he does. I admire his attention to detail and respect his mechanical knowledge. Dave and I have discussed several topics over the past couple years through e mail. I was the first to buy a...