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  1. bwilkinson

    Tractor Wanted Wanted to buy - decent condition narrow frame

    Working tractors usually do not look like that.
  2. bwilkinson

    Tractor Wanted Wanted to buy - decent condition narrow frame

    I was mowing with it. I was intending to do some checks on the engine so I would know its condition. Minor restoration has been planned for 2023. I never checked what the value would be. I recently sold 2 Wheel Horse tractors but have not worked on the Cub yet.
  3. bwilkinson

    Tractor Wanted Wanted to buy - decent condition narrow frame

    Looks like a restored tractor. Mine is all original, and unrestored so of course it does not look as cleaned up as this one.
  4. bwilkinson

    Tractor Wanted Wanted to buy - decent condition narrow frame

    I have a 126 w/mower deck and the dozer blade runs and cuts. I am in Florida for the Winter. Will not be home till the middle of April to get the tractor out of storage. If you are still looking in April I may have what you need.
  5. bwilkinson

    Newly Purchased 126

    Your hood looks different than my 126 does.
  6. bwilkinson

    Parts Wanted Factory taillights

    Cub Cadet 126, the recessed area in my fenders for the tail lights is square but the lights have rounded ends.
  7. bwilkinson

    But they left their DOGS

    It always makes sense to get both sides of any issue before making a decision.
  8. bwilkinson

    Some extra parts

    Anything returnable is better than in our highways ditches.
  9. bwilkinson

    44A Deck spindles

    Any welding on mower blades will change the structure of the molecules. Blades will break at the edge of the heat zone.
  10. bwilkinson

    Some extra parts

    All bottles and cans are returnable in Michigan.
  11. bwilkinson

    147 48in mower deck

    Water catch pan underneath cutting area.
  12. bwilkinson

    IH dealer from years back

    Please keep information coming as to how these Cub tractors will be sold auction/individual. Also would be interested if you have attachments for Cadets. I live just North of you in Michigan.
  13. bwilkinson

    Restored vintage cub cadet 100

    Even with a restoration, why can't the faults from the factory also be corrected instead of carry on with the fault. I am " redoing " a 126 but making corrections where improvements would be helpful so I will call mine a" redo ".
  14. bwilkinson

    food for thought concerning Covid 19

    It will take some researching to find, Made In America, products that we may need. So many company's have moved or sold out to Foreign Country's. Read the labels closely.
  15. bwilkinson

    What are these wheel weights from?

    You may want to look at wheel weights that were used on the front wheels of larger tractors.
  16. bwilkinson

    3 Cub Cadets & many parts for sale: 1967/122, 1971/73, 1975/129.

    This stay in place order just not going to help you much.
  17. bwilkinson

    1250 Stalls when hot. Cools down and then starts like a champ

    A lot of good information on this site. I have been going back and reading old post that help me while starting to work on my 126. Maybe some day I will be able to post something I was able to solve with my CC.
  18. bwilkinson

    Not a pretty sight!

    Repairing Cast of any Metal requires knowledge of the proper procedure required and having the right equipment. Journeyman Maintenance Welder since 1957, I have repaired cracks in different types of cast materials for Engine Blocks for NTPA members, cast Steel & Iron of large Industrial Air...
  19. bwilkinson

    Archive through July 22, 2004

    I am interested in aquiring an early Cadet Cub model but not sure it will fit in my full size van. Can anybody give me the dimensions of the tractor? (length, width and height (of the steering wheel)? thanks for any info Bob Wilkinson