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  1. pandrews

    1961 Original for sale S# 15473 I have a Ton of Parts to finish it New Nos Blade

    Hi, Good to be back! I have a Nice 1961 Original for sale runs good mowed with it last year, Bought all the parts From you guy's, (Thanks) I am unable to complete, it I did rebuild the Trans & Rear end But Issues have me stopped. You are the First Group to Start this Yellow Addiction so I...
  2. pandrews

    Archive through January 28, 2014

    Tom H, Thank you Paul A
  3. pandrews

    Archive through January 26, 2014

    HELP! I have an Original with rear sleeve hitch I plan on using her for snow duty (here in northern Michigan) I need it, will I be able to run the front plow and a rear blade??? When I pull the lever to let the front blade down what happens to my rear blade up or down??? Thank you Paul
  4. pandrews

    Archive through November 23, 2011

    I have an early Original while rebuilding the rear end I see the back rear axle housing bolt threads go into the main rear end casting where the oil is.They are threaded right through. This is where my leak is comming from. Was this a common problem? How do you fix it? Maybe some permatex blue...
  5. pandrews

    Archive through October 22, 2011

    Dennis F & Paul B, Thank you for your resposes I have an Original so I should add only 3-1/2 pints right? or until it comes out the small drain plug on the brake side. Thank you
  6. pandrews

    Archive through October 22, 2011

    Question: My manual states I should add 3-1/2 guarts of 30 weight in the rear end, I did that and oil was comming out the NEW axle shaft seals, my dealer stated to fill it until oil comes out of the small threaded check hole on the lower brake side of the rear end? Which is it 3-1/2 qt's or...
  7. pandrews

    Archive through October 05, 2011

    I am looking for a blade mount for an Original I have a nice blade just need the mount! Thanks
  8. pandrews

    Archive through October 19, 2011

    Does anyone have a picture of the blade mount needed for an Original? I have a newer spring trip blade that came off a 149 but I need the mount that goes back to the foot rest what does it look like? Thank you! Paul
  9. pandrews

    Archive through October 11, 2011

    Help! I am rebuilding an Original rear end- new seals, bushings & o-rings on both sides. The brake side has a slow oil leak took it all apart mic'ed the axle it's ok drove the seal in approx 1/16 in removed both shims and it's still leaking?? Is there a better seal? I bought these from Scott...
  10. pandrews

    Archive through September 21, 2011

    Thanks Ken!, I never thought about the 90 weight being to thick. The picture is great also, I have the tractor split so I could not attach the lift bar. Paul
  11. pandrews

    Archive through September 20, 2011

    HELP! Can someone post a close-up picture of the top lift bracket on the back of a original? This is the bracket that the rear lift casting bolts to I think mine is upside down? Also the manual states 3-1/2 quarts of straight 30 weight oil in the rearend, I was thinking of using 90 weight as...
  12. pandrews

    Archive through April 24, 2011

    Donald E, The pull start models had a belt pulley built into the pull starter the belt went down to the drive shaft/line, when you pulled the rope two dogs would come out and engage into this pulley. The belt went down to the drive line/shaft. This was so they could use the old Farmall Cub rear...
  13. pandrews

    Archive through April 24, 2011

    Donald E, I have an early 1961 with a four diget serial # it cam with a pull start, the P.O. converted it over after he found out he could have bought a electric start. I have the bill for the E start parts cost him around $200 to convert. Wish he could find the recoil starter as he promised...
  14. pandrews

    Archive through April 07, 2011

    Tom, Johnnybucket makes the small front lifting buckets www.johnnybucket.com I love mine on my 149 not cheap but nice! Paul
  15. pandrews

    Archive through April 07, 2011

    Kraig M, I was unable to open the wiring diagram for the "O" w/electric start that Roland created? How do I get this GREAT info? Thanks for your continued support! Thanks Paul
  16. pandrews

    Archive through March 21, 2011

    Hey Harry nice find! When I purchased my 1973 149 the PO gave me a set of chains in that same bag? The chains were rusty so was the bag. I still have them out in the barn. I should get them rusted chains out of the bag!
  17. pandrews

    Archive through March 19, 2011

    Thanks Dennis F, It states 3 1/2 guarts for the "original" trans in my owners manual, can I use an 80-90 weight or a 85-140 weight? instead of Hy-tran the manual says straight 30 weight??? Paul
  18. pandrews

    Archive through March 19, 2011

    Question for the experts! I am rebuilding an Original, just finished the rear end HOW MANY QUARTS OF HY-TRAN go into it to refill? Thank you Paul A