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  1. J

    PTO Clutch

    Finally, I understand how it all works. Thanks for your patience and knowledge.
  2. J

    PTO Clutch

    That was a short but precise explanation. Thank you very much. After again studying my PTO, I now can pretty much conceptualize how this works. Very ingenious. I still cannot see how the bearing drives the pto. I understand how the PTO is attached to the bearing (set screws and snap ring hold...
  3. J

    PTO Clutch

    "If the button did not act against the springs, the clutch would stay engaged and continue to rotate the pto." That comment seems to confirm my diagnosis because my problem is that the clutch stays engaged and does continue to rotate the PTO when I apply the brake against the button. I have...
  4. J

    PTO Clutch

    "The 3 cone point screws lock the PTO between the internal snap ring and the back side of the bearing proper." Yes I knew that, my thoughts were that because I only had two of the three cone point screws contacting the backside of the bearing, the whole PTO was likely to wobble when the brake...
  5. J

    PTO Clutch

    I finally got around to removing the PTO from my cub cadet 123. I now see that one of the set screws that locks the clutch to the crankshaft has been sheared off and the tip no longer engages with the crankshaft . I'm guessing this is why the clutch brake no longer stops the PTO from spinning...
  6. J

    PTO Clutch

    Thanks for the advice. I have two cub cadets. I see what you mean about the front plate turning freely. On the cub that has a working PTO, the front plate does turn freely. The other cub (that I was asking about) has a PTO that will not turn freely when PTO brake is disengaged. I think I'll put...
  7. J

    PTO Clutch

    My cub cadet 123 has a PTO clutch that will not stop spinning. I replaced the brake button and adjusted the rod from the lever to the clutch brake. It didn't help. I am guessing I need to replace the PTO clutch. Is there any other likely fix to try before I put money into replacing the clutch...
  8. J

    Spring Pin removal

    I managed to shear off the front left wheel of my cub cadet 123 yesterday. After cooling down my emotions for a day, I started the repair process this morning. The left knuckle spindle must be replaced. It sheared off right at the 90 degree bend in the spindle. I see there is a spring pin...
  9. J

    Archive through July 24, 2017

    I shaved just a little bit off the end of the nub of the fiber wear button. This allowed me to get it started in the hole. I brought the rockarm slowly forward until the wear button rested on the clutch button. Then slowly tightened the turnbuckle. The wear button easily slid completely into the...
  10. J

    Archive through July 20, 2017

    I am working on my cub cadet 123. I need to install a new wear button to keep my PTO from turning when not in use. I just bought a new fiber wear button but the hole on the engagement bar seems too small. Do you just force the button into the hole? I came across the following on the web...
  11. J

    Archive through May 13, 2017

    I am about to change the transmission fluid in my Cub Cadet 123. I watched a video on youtube about this. The guy in the video applies gasket sealant when he puts the new gasket on the transmission back plate. Is adding sealant to the new gasket advisable?
  12. J

    Archive through January 31, 2017

    I need to replace the carburetor on my Cub Cadet 123 (engine K301AS). The existing carb is a Walbro WHG and has a number engraved on it but it is hard to read (either 47-053-08 or 77-053-08). I have tried to cross reference this and I have concluded that the correct replacement is a Kohler carb...
  13. J

    Archive through July 07, 2008

    I have a cub cadet model 123 with bad bearings in the front right wheel. I am ordering a new bearing assembly. The old bearing assembly has been removed from the wheel. Do I just tap the new bearing assembly into the middle of the wheel or is the installation more complicated? Thanks!
  14. J

    Archive through June 18, 2008

    I have a model 71 cub cadet that has a steering problem. Can anyone give me a lead on what might cause the following problem? The steering wheel is easy to turn to make the tractor go left. It is harder to turn to make it go right. If I jack the front up and take the tractor's weight off the...
  15. J

    Archive through September 24, 2007

    Todd: I found the problem. Exactly, the same thing as you found. "The strap metal on the pedal linkage had broken around the roll pin that centers it on the shaft. This strap on the pedal linkage contacts the safety switch...". I found the piece of the strap metal that broke off. I'll try...
  16. J

    Archive through September 24, 2007

    OK, the power is getting through the ignition switch. The problem has to be somewhere between the ignition switch and the side terminal on the solenoid. That means its either the orange wires or the safety switch itself. I see the Orange/Black wire coming up to the solenoid from the wiring...
  17. J

    Archive through September 24, 2007

    Is there a way to test the ignition switch? I saw the diagram below and I'm wondering if a good test would be to place a jump wire between points B and S on the ignition switch. If the starter turns then it seems the problem is the switch is bad. Any thoughts?
  18. J

    Archive through September 23, 2007

    I have a cub cadet 71 that won't start. No click in the solenoid when I turn the key. Power is getting to the solenoid. I've looked thru some of the previous posts on solenoid trobleshooting and tried a few recommended diagnostics. First, I put a jumper cable from the solenoid's incoming...
  19. J

    Archive through April 10, 2007

    I'm new to this site but I've spent some time today looking thru the archives and I can see its a great place to get info on my cub cadet. I have a 123 and a 71. Yestreday, I noticed gas dripping from the bottom of the air filter of the 123. I took the air filter off and saw the gas was coming...