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  1. proper

    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    We shall find out tomorrow. In my case, the insert repair is probably the best case. The tractor is only used 4 or 5 times a year to cut grass then it is put into storage. A couple of years back I had to replace the cylinder head due to a hairline crack, probably due heat. I took me...
  2. proper

    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    Is this common problem that occurs with age or a misuse?
  3. proper

    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    Just replaced the battery on my 1650 Hydro (Duracell U1R, 12V, 300CCA, 370 CA) Almost finished cutting grass when the tractor backfired (loud with a little black smoke). Try to restart, but it wouldn't turn over. Raised the hood and the sparkplug was out of the hole. Sparkplug was still in...
  4. proper

    Recommendation for "Good" Fuel Shut Off Valve

    I'm not having any luck finding a good Fuel Shutoff Valve for my 1650. Attached are the photos of the valves I have purchased off Amazon and Ebay. They were cheaply made products and have cost me a good bit. I only use non-ethanol gas. Priced it lately? I placed a fuel shut off value on...
  5. proper

    Cyclops with 16 hp briggs any good ?

    The 16Hp will pull a 54", but it's going to be slow go.
  6. proper

    1650 Hydro - Draining Fuel Over Winter Months

    Fall has reached the South, so I'll cut the lawn once more for the season and my Cub 1650 will be placed in the basement over the winter (lowest temperature around 45 if it gets really cold) I replaced the original 42 year old carburetor at the beginning of the season and added a fuel shut-off...
  7. proper

    I just can't help myself!

    Ok, it's a old ripper. Construction companies use them to clean off land to be leveled. The soil here is red clay and rocky, so the tines are spring loaded. If you only have to make 2 passes, you are lucky. Thanks Gary.
  8. proper

    Engine oil

    I use Ford 30 wt, (dino only) changed every spring. Only use ethanol-free gas.
  9. proper

    I just can't help myself!

    Not to get too far off subject, but what type of tiller is in the photo? What are the large wheels for? Thanks.
  10. proper

    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    Starter problem for sure. This thing is crazy. I found a old post from July 2012: One quick thing to do and I think is more than likely your problem is to wiggle the PTO clutch switch while trying to crank the engine. For some reason the power to the starter runs through that switch and if...
  11. proper

    Iron Gard Questions

    Looks great!
  12. proper

    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    My 1650 will not start. When the tractor is not in use, it is connected to a battery maintainer. Battery tested - charged. Sparkplug tested - good. When I turn the key, all I get is a couple of tick sounds (same as if your car battery is about to die) coming from the righthand side around...
  13. proper

    Cub Cadet 1650 - Problem getting the mower deck support clevise on the the frame arm

    You got that right. I don't have a hitch, I have a hydro lift. It was never disengaged. Thanks
  14. proper

    Cub Cadet 1650 - Problem getting the mower deck support clevise on the the frame arm

    I got the words "support clevices" from, the manual. It took every bit of 5 minutes using Greg Riutzel advise. Started the mower, lowered the frame, eased it forward and the tangs slid right onto the clevises (or hanger mower support). I locked the support pins, then cut two acres of...
  15. proper

    Cub Cadet 1650 - Problem getting the mower deck support clevise on the the frame arm

    I'm having a terrible time trying to get the 44" mower deck back on the deck lift frame. I can get one of the mower deck support clevise on the the frame arm, but not the other. With one side on, when I lift the mower deck to put in the other side, the frame arm lifts making it impossible to...
  16. proper

    1650 Hydo ~ 16 Hp Kohler, Replace, Rebuilt or Resleeve

    Dad is already hinting around that I should sell my 37 year old CC 1650. Over a period of four years, we've replaced the original Generator Ignition Condenser/Points and Solenoid. Little problems happen, that usually takes him an hour to repair. Before it can be used this year the carburetor...
  17. proper

    Am I beating a dead horse (1650 Lawn Tractor)

    I am the proud owner of a 1979 1650 Hydro Lawn Tractor, 44 IH deck. It was my father’s first riding mower and thanks to his meticulous care of the mower, it’s still around 35 years later. Everything on the Lawn Tractor is original, except belts and worn parts on the 16Hp Kohler engine. For...