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    winter projects to stay busy

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    Veterans Day

    Semper Fi Brother!
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    Throwing a belt

    I had to replace the idler pulleys almost every season with my 1046 ltx. arbors were gaurenteed to be replaced every spring. also the way they designed the deck the grass clippings would plug the guard over the arbor pulleys causing even more issues. I welded little blades on the bottom of the...
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    Won’t stay running.

    True ethanol hater here. I had to replace the bowl gasket every three months on my 147 because of ethanol. When non-ethanol became available I switched and have not replaced one in five or six years. My 129 has never had a carb issue and I run nothing but ethanol free. My small engine shops...
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    snow thrower, supposed to fit cub? Any ideas which cub?

    New to posting on this format, trying to I.D. this thing. It was supposed to fit a cub cadet but it will not fit anything I have. Think it is for a newer model maybe than the 129 and 147's that I have.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all and may your stockings be filled with extra parts.
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    Mower Blades

    you can buy ready made shims to change hole size, have done that for saw blades and other equipment for years.
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    Welder madness

    Could have been worse, my 147h vermeer trencher [147 cub with vermeer attachments] had a chevy truck drivline welded to the hydro input shaft when I bought it 30 years ago!
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    Foot control forward reverse

    3/4 square shaft, slpjoint on one end. Basically a pto drive and joints from small tractor or old dump truck.been on there since the early nineties.
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    Foot control forward reverse

    Ujoint on rear and ujoint on front of driveline, mine is a little different because they use a pulley off the back of the flywheel to drive the trencher unit. Will post pics in a day or two.
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    Foot control forward reverse

    Only problem with the ujoints, is that the front one o ine is really close to the steering housing, if you get the frame in a good bind with my trencher it will hit the edge of the tube once in a great while.
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    Foot control forward reverse

    Thanks guys, I have a vermeer trencher assembly on mine and it is a real pain running the hydraulics and the steering and the hydro with only two hands!
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    Foot control forward reverse

    Looking for a foot control for a 147 and or 129 for hydrostat. Pictures and spec woud work also. Am in Montana
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    K321 Rebuild

    I put ujoints in my 147 20 years ago and have had wonderful luck, still on the same ones!
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    K321 Laboring hard after warming up

    I put a new head on my k321 and blew a hole through the same spot about ten yeas ago, the parts dealer said defective head. Replaced with a new one and has been running fine since!
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    Sub-Compact Tractor with Loader

    I have looked at the JD and the Kubota, the Kubota has a heavier frame than the comparable JD JD model. I have a bx 23 with the backhoe and loader and find it to be a good heavy duty little tractor It is also fairly easy on fuel when running hard all day. Have had it for six years and have...
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    Cub Cadet 125 $300obo

    Well, that was fast. Lol
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    Here we go again!!

    I'm thinking at that temp you just might want to drink your last ever beer and take the day off.
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    Removing head studs from K321

    Double nut as mentioned before, if it still does not want to move use a drift punch on top of the bolt in the center and rap sharply once or twice.