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    Geared Trans, Clutching

    Thank's DFRISK for rounding teeth information, I was not aware of that.
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    Howdy from Ohio!

    Welcome TJ What part of Ohio ?
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    Geared Trans, Clutching

    Interesting conversation, I have a 108 depending on it's mood shifting is always an issue, pretty tough keeping all componets adjusted and operating free with no binds. I just remember it's a non synchronized transmission and expect to shift accordingly. Any trans I've had apart...
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    Hydro leak

    Question for experts, I have to replace gasket on my 129 , need to verify bolts to remove and shoulld I use any sealer ?
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    123 dozer conversion

    I have a Miller had same problem found there were different feed rolls, correct ones for wire size fixed problem. Pacemaker cured all my welding prblems now , the pits😠
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    Choke and throttle cables 🥶

    This cable issue has been interesting, my 02 is rusted cable not frozen water, maybe first time. One time frozen, thawed , lubed , working would eliminate water, I would think, but not rust. Having freed many cables over the years not sure I could say they were stainless as most showed...
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    123 dozer conversion

    William, your one of few to adress the hands needed to operate a hydrostatic cub, I agree. Somewhere on this site are photos of my foot conversion I installed on my 129 about 10 years ago, it has not been touched since and works perfectly. Good luck with a nice project especially working...
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    123 Hydro problems

    Be sure you don't drive a new pin in, don't ask how I know .
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    saving a few dollars

    Here's a idler waiting on a bearing, needs different one than what I had, but ones I replaced 20 years ago still working so dont need.
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    Removing an early CC exhaust elbow?

    May laugh me out of here but---- heat up block slowly then squirt amonia inside elbow best ya can and back it out.
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    How do you care for your underside mow deck ?

    Clean, blast, coat with bedliner works for me.
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    Huge blowby, but good compression?

    Think there's a one way valve in block where tube goes to air cleaner, my cc had a brigs motor but same problem, buy separate from gasket kit.
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    Huge blowby, but good compression?

    Pronblem is breather gaskets, if i had motor break down could tell ya what, "CSR" had sane issue.
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    Saturday would work, text me 330-207-2879.
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    If it works for your project and ya make it look good I'm paid , where are you located in Pgh. about 10 min from turnpike here.
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    No holes, not for sale, if in area you can take it home with ya. Not sure how close you are to Ohio if it's worth a trip ?
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    Hope ya can see these.
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    Yes I have one put pics on your first post if ya can't see will repeat here.
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    Model 123 Hood Needed

    Have a 102 hood if you think it will work.
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    Think I have a 102 hood will check