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    86 Cub Cadet, you learn something new all the time

    I bought an 86 Cadet that had running issues, the carburetor had to be set very rich to get it to run. Then it refused to run above an idle, come to find out the ignition points were physically broken so they would float when attempting to throttle up. New points and running better, but still...
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    Diy attachments

    To give you a feel of how much draft a moldboard plow takes here is the formula from the IH plow How booklet. Soil pressure is measured in lbs per square inch and nominally sandy loam soil is 8 psi and heavy clay is 12 psi. Draft load is soil psi x width of cut x depth of cut. If you have a...
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    Am I asking too much?

    The 184 low boys had an electric PTO clutch which were reliable. If you can find one the one thing to look for is that it is equipped with an alternator plus the starter/generator. This was an update that was done as the starter generator could not keep up with the electrical load for the...
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    Wheels up or down ?

    All the IH Cub Cadets were intended to have the mower be carried by the tractor and the gauge wheels and center roller act as anti-scalp. Some versions of 38" and 42" decks actually did not have gauge wheels on them as standard equipment. The narrow frame tractors had a height stop that was...
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    Brought home a 129 today

    This tractor was for sale locally, and had some interesting history. It had stainless steel foot plates, and it turned out my son had refurbished it 25 years ago when he was in high school and then sold it. It is still in great shape. He was pretty pleased to see it again! His son is driving it...
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    Hello from upstate NY

    I called on Robinson FE when I was with IH service in the mid-70s. Dragoon's in Mooers NY bought them and they moved to a newer store east of town. Dragoon's in Mooers is a good source of IH Cub Cadet parts and equipment, they were in business since 1953.
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    forty eight years....not bad

    The tiller mule drive used two adjusting bolts instead of one being spring loaded. It will work for the mower, just check the tension occasionally to keep it correct.
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    Cub and Quiet Line Cub Cadet Production numbers

    This may be already be posted, but here is the Cub and Cub Cadet production numbers for the IH 1976 Year. This may be helpful to determine the popularity or rarity of your tractor.
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    129/149 changes throughout production run?

    after SN 500000 was used for promotions and shows, a IH employee bought it and I believe It ended up at their family cabin in Wisconsin. They did not understand the value of this tractor! If you happen to see a 149 up there it would be a good idea to check the serial number.
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    Cub Cadet Model 128

    The seat is from a 102, they are very hard to find in good condition, if you decide to update the seat, I would suggest you offer tithe 102 seat up for sale on this site. I started working for IH when this tractor was new and they were rock solid machines!
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    IH versus CCC built quality

    Some of them had mower spindle brakes that were problematic. I think there was an updated spindle released, but keep in mind that was 40 years ago.
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    E-Z Rake 40 Dethatcher for Cub Cadets

    I have one of these I bought from one of my dealers over 30 years ago, when I got it it hadn’t been used much as there was still paint on the muffler. I used it a few times and it has been stored inside. If someone is interested in it I can dig it out and take some pictures but here is the...
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    Mower Blade Orientation

    If you are getting an uneven cut with the blades correctly installed and the deck leveled, here are two tips. Set your mower height with the cam stop for the lift. Then set the mower gauge wheels to just clear the ground. This will eliminate the scallops in the lawn if the mower gauge wheels...
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    Mower Deck on My Dad’s 149

    501 would be the series of the Mower Deck. The U was the country of build, US (these were built in Louisville KY), and 1111 was the generic serial number for IH attachments that did not have a specific serial number. Early Cub Cadets in that family used 42 and 48" mowers and the later models...
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    Favorite model?

    I started in Service with IH in 1973 and the 149 was my favorite tractor as it had the improved steering spindle over narrow frame and hydraulic lift. They were rock solid reliable tractors and the 321 Kohler had a stellite exhaust valve. Main thing to look at on them is the drive shaft...
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    IH Cub Cadet White/Yellow Spray Paint

    I posted this as a reply to a question and thought it may be helpful for this link. There were 3 IH white colors. When I was in IH customer service, we had a paint cheat sheet and to my recollection here is the application: 901 was a creamy white and used on original to 123. 902 was a...
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    Early IH white

    There were 3 IH white colors. When I was in IH customer service, we had a cheat sheet and to my recollection here is the application: 901 was a creamy white and used on orginal to 123. 902 was a refrigerator white and used on 104-147. 935 was used on the 108-1650 and red cadets for the...
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    New member from Indiana

    Does it have the guard around the electric lift? I may have that and the long belt for the tiller.