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  1. kweimann

    Points cleaning?

    Visit Dave Kirk’s website, he is a Sponsor listed above, and buy a PointsSaver or Transdenser as they are called now. Will eliminate having to file the points in the future!
  2. kweimann

    Seat for cub cadet 122

    Someone told me that John Lang passed away, any truth to that?
  3. kweimann

    can't resist old iron

    Love the Hydraulic Lift Option!
  4. kweimann


    Any US car or truck made from 1974-1988
  5. kweimann

    What is this old tractor?

    Looks like the 1967 Custom 6 had the horizontal louvers so that's my guess!!
  6. kweimann

    What is this old tractor?

    Looks like a 1968 Sears Custom 7. Definitely a Sears Custom as it says it on top of the grille shell. Only difference is grill louvers are vertical versus the horizontal ones on yours.
  7. kweimann

    New to me Spirit of 76

    Had one of those 20 years ago, I remember Professor Chabot had an NOS White seat still wrapped in plastic! Tough little Lawn Tractors. It handled its own at Mow Day 2002. Man I need to get my Cubs running!!
  8. kweimann

    done with my cub cadet 1512

    Beautiful work!
  9. kweimann

    Unknown Part fell off Ultima zt1 54

    looks like part number 747-08130 (Left side) and 747-07690 (Right side) Hydro bypass rod. Would've never thought of that one myself.
  10. kweimann

    Unknown Part fell off Ultima zt1 54

    Belt guard for engine/PTO pulley?
  11. kweimann

    anti seize on a K block

    I usually clean all threads with a thread chaser, Not a Tap, chamfer the top to remove the first thread to avoid pull-out, oil and torque the bolts, then run through 3 heat/cool cycles and check/re-torque as needed. My 0.02, I've built too many K-Series to count and all are still running.
  12. kweimann

    Looking for the double pulley for Original timed deck.

    How about broaching a new keyway 180 degrees across from the existing one?
  13. kweimann

    149 dying out

    Carbon buildup on guide and valve shaft. Easy enough to clean, just need a head gasket, valve spring compressor, a lapping stick and some compound.
  14. kweimann

    149 dying out

    Sticking exhaust valve, common on the K321
  15. kweimann

    Have Lathe , will travel...

    Definitely cool!
  16. kweimann

    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Matt, I've been a subscriber of your YouTube Channel for a while, love your channel. When you said you had 30 or so of the IHCC's over the years I was going to comment and ask you if you were a forum member. Now i know!!!
  17. kweimann


    Exactly!!! Thanks Kraig!!!
  18. kweimann


    I remember ol' Brown, Kraig should have some pics of you blowing snow at your old homestead with that one Harry. 20 years! seems like yesterday!
  19. kweimann

    Mystery bracket?

    Definitely Peco Vac as I sold a 147 with the same bracket on it Minus the Vac! The buyer asked me what is was so many times I should've just taken it off!
  20. kweimann

    Cub Cadet Wheel Chock

    all the Quiet Lines I've owned all had disc brakes.