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  1. gloughery

    Name's Noah

    Welcome Noah from Pennsylvania. I think you should also get a model 100, my favorite is the 122, so get one of them too. I bet you will add two more IH cub cadets by the end of summer. And then you'll want a big Cub! This forum has the most subject matter experts you'll find anywhere. Good luck!
  2. gloughery

    #2 Cart Specs

    Thank you, looks like I just need a spare set of fronts from the 122 and a box of cotter pins!
  3. gloughery

    #2 Cart Specs

    Hello, I just bought an Onan 5.0 CCK mounted on an IH #2 cart. Nothing better than that! The problem is the cart tires are dry rotted and I need to take a set of new ones with me. Are these standard axles with a cotter pin or is the axle drilled out like a spindle? I will eventually get IHCC...
  4. gloughery

    coil question and introduction

    Here is a resistor on our 70. I'm debating if I need this on all my CCs. What is the general consensus for when you need to add a resistor?
  5. gloughery

    Front steering knuckle bolt size

    Is there a cross reference or something to help identify what models have the 3/4" and 1"? I saw a junk 1330 for sale but don't know if grabbing the axle and spindles would be worth it. I have room in the garage crate for another set, may as well! I'll probably stay with the 782 axle for...
  6. gloughery

    Front steering knuckle bolt size

    It just came to me about my confusion here a few years ago concerning the axle for 3/4" or 1" spindles. (Actually July 2017 was four years ago, wow.) The steering knuckle bolt holding the knuckle to the axle is the same size! SO, I didn't need to swap out an axle, which I did! I swapped out my...
  7. gloughery

    Let clutch out in neutral to shift

    absolutely will check all of that. This is becoming a younger mans game now that I am up and down on a cold concrete floor. I also have rear wheel weights for the Cub, and no way can I move them like I did just a few years ago. But I can manhandle the K301 easily. All is good and thanks again...
  8. gloughery

    Let clutch out in neutral to shift

    Thanks for the support. Will do all of this over the weekend.
  9. gloughery

    Let clutch out in neutral to shift

    I like the mis-alignment idea. The whole tractor was rebuilt recently and I remember putting the engine back in hurriedly in my excitement. I don't remember checking the alignment. Are you referring to the throw-out bearing for lube? I do have to depress the clutch pedal very softly to stop it...
  10. gloughery

    Let clutch out in neutral to shift

    Hello, I have to let the clutch out on my 122 before changing gears most of the time, then it is no problem to change gears that one time. I also notice my driveshaft is spinning faster (gears grind and teeth fly) before I do the neutral thing as well. My throw out bearing needs an adjustment...
  11. gloughery

    Portable generator input.

    How do you guys regulate freezing and dampness in your spaces? I like everything you guys have done and thinking of rebuilding and enlarging my well pump house, but how do you regulate the inside air, your little PC fan can handle that much air? My pump sits with my water tank in a 6x6 hole 8’...
  12. gloughery

    129 hydro leak?

    Yep, I decided to do what Matt says on my 107 this weekend. Ordered all of those items plus needle bearings from CCS that shipped yesterday. Drained the rear last weekend, hytran has a unique smell for sure. Felt a lot of gel-like residue inside the casing and decided to go full bore on the...
  13. gloughery

    IH-CC 122 w/ issues while driving

    I had something like this just happen on my 107. It runs fine in idle and then spits and sputters when I drive off. Turns out the fuel shut off valve kept spinning closed and I never really paid attention to that because I kept playing with everything. I’ll have to repack that and tighten things...
  14. gloughery

    New book

    Tradegy is a good book. It has caused me to pay more attention to the Farmall’s with only the name McCormick on them than other names. Not quite sure I have that timeline figured out yet. Not far enough into the book yet to see how Deere survived.
  15. gloughery

    UR or UL battery terminals

    Perfect picture, thank you. Yes that’s how I set mine as well. I just need to get longer battery cables and it won’t matter if it’s UL or UR. Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
  16. gloughery

    UR or UL battery terminals

    Well three batteries for the price of one is a good deal, I will go that way. I still have the problem with the location of the positive terminal, so maybe I’ll just make longer wires. Thanks all.
  17. gloughery

    UR or UL battery terminals

    I doubled checked the measurements and the battery I ordered is too big as BJAMES thought. The original wires on the 122 have a short red wire on the right side that will not cross over to the left side without stressing the connections. I think I need a UR battery, or a UR1, for this wiring...
  18. gloughery

    UR or UL battery terminals

    I am following Charlie’s advice and ordered an Interstate C75DT-XHD battery and not sure if a right-side positive will fit all 169 and older IHCC’s. I looked at all of mine and there is a mix of UL and UR but I see hints in older wiring that the positive is on the right. I need this for a 70...
  19. gloughery

    Dad’s 100

    Really looks great. I like that you didn’t paint the hardware. Not sure if everything was painted when new, but I like unpainted nuts and bolts at most places. Not sure if there is a general rule for this. What kind of paint did you use? Again, great work and thanks for the pictures.
  20. gloughery

    Narrow VS Wide Chassis

    Thanks for the info. I thought it may be by years, but the 72 and 73 were after the 122 and 123. Thanks for the dash vs pedestal clarification. Was the same pedestal used under the dashes? I dont need the whole unit if the dash is smashed? Good to know, thanks again.