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  1. chiggerfarmer

    1973 128 deck belt question?

    I use a 1973 model 128 to mow about 3 acre yard. It has the 42" deck. These are the belts I use MOWER MULE DRIVE BELT - OEM number 490489-R2 (3/8 X 80") Gates number - 3V800 NAPA number - NBH 3V800 Mine had a 1/2" drive belt when I got it and I used it a long time, bought several...
  2. chiggerfarmer

    New from Texas - Original and 100

    Welcome Tyler Green!!! I live close to Waco, so not so very far from you. I mostly try to keep something working to use, have not done a restoration yet. If I had a pretty tractor I would not want to get it dirty. Have Cadet 60, 70, 102, 122, 128, and 149 w/ tiller. Not all those are working...
  3. chiggerfarmer

    Points cleaning?

    I have been using one of Mr Kirk's little do-daddys for several years now down here in Texas where there is no snow (for the most part), and my 128 sits under a carport. My experience is the points won't fire without cleaning them after sitting unused from about December to March. I probably use...
  4. chiggerfarmer

    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    That bulletin is great information, thank you Sir!
  5. chiggerfarmer

    How Cold Is IT?

    Yes Sir on the snow blower play time. Sometimes I feel deprived that we cannot find a reason to own one here but then I realize I would need to go out in that cold to get to use it. On another note, our weather forecast was not so agreeable just a week ago when all those temp highs were 100...
  6. chiggerfarmer

    How Cold Is IT?

    Waco, Texas September 7, 2020
  7. chiggerfarmer

    Useful tips / vids / how-to's and whatnot

    This is in reference to those little spring clips that keep the grille in place on my 128. They look like they are just waiting for an opportunity to jump off, but if they are clipped on good they seem to stay ok. After a few hours of mowing one day I discovered one had come off and the grille...
  8. chiggerfarmer

    Poor mowing

    Heat treated was my choice, I use my bench grinder very slow and sparingly when necessary, but use the vise and a file mostly. Thanks for the information.
  9. chiggerfarmer

    Poor mowing

    I am sure my 128 has the original blades. The original owner had one of those spring loaded check books that would snap closed on his hand if he tried to spend money. I have sharpened them each mowing season since I have owned it (last 15 years or so). The blades are looking like it wouldn't...
  10. chiggerfarmer

    Poor mowing

    I need new blades for my 42" but there are nearly as many to choose from as there are flavors of ice cream. What is the difference in heat treated, tungsten carbide, or hard surface, and which seem to be the most popular?
  11. chiggerfarmer


    I got it now, must have been my cranky browser. Thanks for the help. :)
  12. chiggerfarmer


    I tried that, when got to checkout they referred to their new website which does not seem to have the book. If anyone has better luck please share. Thanks
  13. chiggerfarmer

    New member here is from Clifton TX

    Welcome Tx_adv. I live just downstream from you at Crawford, TX
  14. chiggerfarmer

    Tiller questions.

    My tractor and tiller had been sitting unused for some time. All I know about the tiller at this point is that it turns freely but has some slack in the chain. I have not looked inside to clean or grease it but I will. Right now I am gathering information that may help me do the best job. Thank...
  15. chiggerfarmer

    Tiller questions.

    OK, many thanks for the info. Tilling is in my future, woo hoo!
  16. chiggerfarmer

    Tiller questions.

    I am working on a 149 with a #1 tiller. Have tractor running and fitting the tiller will be next project. The mule drive is bent out of shape like someone used a chain to jerk something around really hard. Tractor has been rolled and bent steering wheel and PTO shifter. Anyway, I got some new...
  17. chiggerfarmer

    New Member from Texas

    Hello JD4461, more Texans for me to hobnob with. I been to your fair town before, if I remember Crawford used to play y'all in football? That was a long ride on the old bumpy school buses. I have enjoyed this Cub site a long time before I joined. You can find the answer to most Cub Cadet...
  18. chiggerfarmer

    New Member from Texas

    Sorry it took me so long to see your question, I'm slow in my old age. I live at Crawford, up by Waco.
  19. chiggerfarmer

    New Member from Texas

    Hidee Ho from the chiggerfarm. I don't think I know what Kwell Cream is? If it's ice cream then we have a Blue Bell factory fairly close. We raise pedigreed chiggers for sale or trade. LOL I'm still trying to figure out a way to corral them other than picking them off my backside.
  20. chiggerfarmer

    Crankcase flush

    I just bought a 149 that sat out for a long time. It had some water in the crankcase but aside from a few lumps it drained ok. I just put new oil in so I could evaluate the engine. Ran it just long enough to know it seemed ok and the tractor drove forward and back. I will try the MM oil when I...