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  1. Kyle Vick


    I sent a PM on May 18th without reply. Receipt from order said 1-3 days for restock. Just sayin!
  2. Kyle Vick


    Not to hijack, or throw anyone under the bus, but I’ve been waiting on my back order of HyTran since May 😬
  3. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted 149 Hydraulic Hoses

    Hey fellas, this may be quite a stretch here, but I’m wondering if anyone has any spare or old hydraulic lines for a 149. Not sure which other units use these hoses. They don’t have to be perfect, or even operational. I work at CAT dealer and I want to get a new set made in our hose shop, but...
  4. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted Mule drive and Carriage

    Mule and carriage have been sourced!! HUGE thanks to KHarvey, such a great guy.
  5. Kyle Vick

    Mower Deck

    Hello all! I’m looking to get my mower deck ready for the spring, and I’m trying to figure out everything I would need to get it up to snuff. It’s a model 483U-1111. I am picking up a mule drive and carriage this weekend (thanks KHarvey!), what else do I need to get it 100%? I plan on replacing...
  6. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted Mule drive and Carriage

    I used to eat there as a young child. Unfortunately, Cannonball is now torn down, and the lot is being developed into an apartment complex.
  7. Kyle Vick

    Tractor For Sale Cub 149 with mower deck

    Wish you were closer to MN. I’d be all over this. Good luck on your sale!
  8. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted Mule drive and Carriage

    I am 45 miles northwest of Rochester. Cannon Falls.
  9. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted Mule drive and Carriage

    Ohp my bad. I guess that would help out haha. ‘72 IHCC 149.
  10. Kyle Vick

    Parts Wanted Mule drive and Carriage

    Looking for a mule drive and carriage for a 48” mower deck s/n 483U-1111. Belts as well would be a bonus! Let me know what you have! Thanks, Kyle
  11. Kyle Vick


    Hello everyone. Been a long time lurker, finally posting. I purchased my first IHCC this summer. It’s a 1972 149. Came with a 42” push blade, QA42A snowblower, and a 48” mowing deck. Resealed the engine, got it running, popped some wheelies, and then threw the snow gear on it. Needs work, but...
  12. Kyle Vick

    Parts For Sale NOS IH Windbreaker

    If it falls through, I’m interested.