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  1. jherdebu

    Smoking Coil

    I had one that would get super hot not smoking, just to hot to touch. I swapped the coil out with coil from the Kohler on my John Deere. that got super hot too. Went thru wiring bad ground connection at the engine block. Replaced with new 8 gauge cable. Everything running cool and amp gauge...
  2. jherdebu

    Original Cub Cadets?

    Best I can tell you is the difference between the Original 7hp and the 8hp. The 8hp was the replacement for the 7hp when they went bad. I own 8915 built in 1961 and we bought it from the original owner that blew the 7hp 1967 in 1974.
  3. jherdebu

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet Original with goodies

    Wow! What Serial Number is it mine hasn't looked that Good since the first Rebuild in 1977. I will admit you have the most complete I have ever seen.
  4. jherdebu

    Parts Wanted Original - pulley Flywheel

    I don't remember the number I had the old one off and searched by the measurements. I really like their website but they can get expensive. If you want serious Sticker shock look in the handwheel section they have those big crank hand wheels that always broke on the Big Craftsman table saws...
  5. jherdebu

    Parts Wanted Original - pulley Flywheel

    I go to McMaster-Carr when I want parts that are as close to Original as you can get. BTW on these old Cubs the Flywheel side of the engine is the Clutch side that is the Starter Generator pulley.
  6. jherdebu

    Archive through July 27, 2014

    Well we pulled the head on 8913 and definately have a bad head gasket she ran 10 mintes ith the Accel Performance Coil and we ended up with about 1/4 of the gasket becoming an exhaust port