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    Cathi Ledbetter- pictures Cub Cadet

    Cathi, The serial number indicates it is a late 1972 International Cub. 1972 serial range is 238506 to 240580. The “J” means it has a Rockford brand clutch. You might want to check out the website: farmallcub.com which is dedicated to Farmall and International Cubs. Lots of Cub information...
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    Recommendation for "Good" Fuel Shut Off Valve

    I have a 1650 which has a ball valve type of shut off. It works OK but I have to use a coat hanger with a hook to shut it off and on. Short of removing the side panel every time, I can’t see how any of the shutoffs wouldn’t require removing the side panel as well. Is there some trick I’m missing?
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    Sorry, I can’t get any pictures since I have it back together now. The pan threads were fine. There was a bit of rounding on the right front engine to pan bolt area, but only at the edge with 80% of the surface still flush. Setting the pan on my table saw top, there was no rocking or gaps at the...
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    Thanks mgonitzke, I should have it in by pm. I asked this question on another site and had lots of looks, but no answer in 3 days. I was getting a little anxious to get it back running. So I’m really glad for your quick response!
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    When I pulled the engine on my 1650 to upgrade the engine cradle and iso mounts, the engine had 4 approximately 1/8” spacers around the bolts between the engine Pan and the cradle. Are these stock or some kind of an upgrade done by the Cub Cadet Dealer when the engine was rebuilt about 12 years...