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  1. jchamberlin

    Questions about M18 flywheel removal to repair charging.

    Thanks for reporting back. Glad it worked out for you.
  2. jchamberlin

    12 hp magnum

    Sounds to me like the head gasket wasn't re-torqued after the engine was rebuilt. Perhaps you should install a new head gasket, torque it down, run it enough to warm it up, let it cool and re-torque it. Work it some, and then re-torque once more. Someone with more experience rebuilding these...
  3. jchamberlin

    Questions about M18 flywheel removal to repair charging.

    I have repaired an M18 that would run the lights but couldn't charge the battery by gluing all the magnets back in place with metal-flake impregnated epoxy. I used a 1/4" drill bit to space them around the inside perimeter of the fly wheel. The hardest part was maintaining the proper polarity of...
  4. jchamberlin

    No start

    What the diagram will show is that when the key is placed in the Start position, the current must pass from the “B” terminal on the key to the “S” terminal on the key, and then through the PTO safety switch (deck must be disengaged), and then through the Neutral Safety Switch (foot must be on...
  5. jchamberlin


    Marlin, sorry to hear from you about Angel’s passing. I searched the Forum and found that you had already posted the news. I know you’ve been through a lot in the last few years, including a serious illness of your own. I hope you are able to take care of yourself, and that you have a support...
  6. jchamberlin

    Smoke machine

    Better: after cleaning it up, fit it with an electric fuel pump. Sponsor Kirk Engines sells one for tractors, or at least it used to.
  7. jchamberlin

    How Cold Is IT?

    Marty, no real problems here, I think the drain on the ground floor backed up and got the floor in the laundry room wet. It gurgled when I flushed the toilet downstairs. Other than that, my son and I spent about an hour picking up pine cones in the front yard. Haven't touched the back yard yet...
  8. jchamberlin

    How Cold Is IT?

    All: Florence didn't just slow down, it dang near stopped & stood still. It poured wind and especially rain down on where my son lives in Newport, NC (just down the street from the National Weather Service outpost and about 20 minutes north of Morehead City, NC) Thursday, Friday, Saturday into...
  9. jchamberlin

    Archive through August 25, 2018

    Jim S. Sure sounds like a sticking valve to me. I had a valve stick on me with a B&S engine, running the low-ash oil from Cub Cadet really seemed to help. If a valve is sticking, the engine should crank a bit differently, as in a bit faster or easier. Just a thought. Hope you get it...
  10. jchamberlin

    Archive through July 19, 2018

    I remember Don Tanner (may he rest in peace) had a time with his voltage regulators. Charlie helped him "recover" from more than one installation, if I recall correctly.
  11. jchamberlin

    Archive through June 03, 2018

    Scott: Helped my neighbor solve his "crappy mowing" JD problem, same reason, blades on upside down. I suspect more than a few people have done the same thing. Just think, it's stuff like this that keep us humble and remind us that we're human after all. Great post.
  12. jchamberlin

    The 1712 is pissed at me today

    Digger: Shouldn't have to adjust the carb, but you didn't mention changing the oil. Alot of times the gasoline from the tank ends up in the crankcase thinning the oil out a good deal. I like to install electric pumps on the KT engines. The only thing I can think might have happened is that...
  13. jchamberlin

    PTO on cub 1862

    Good Job, Ron. Sounds like it was just a loose or dirty connection. It happens. Especially when the equipment sits unused for any length of time, like over the winter. I'll have to think about your re-starting problem. I can't imagine why grounding one wire would help the other one fire...
  14. jchamberlin

    PTO on cub 1862

    Thanks Ron. If I were there, I would focus first on your PTO issue. I would put the ignition key in the "Run" position and the PTO switch in the "Start" position and check to see that two things happen: 1. The PTO clutch pulls in (as you say it does) 2. The Reverse Relay pulls in while you...
  15. jchamberlin

    PTO on cub 1862

    Ron, the problems may be related, let's look at it. Step One: According to what I'm seeing on the schematic, the tractor indicator light #1 (in the schematic should come on to tell you to "Depress Left Pedal," that is your brake. When you depress your brake pedal, you make your brake switch...
  16. jchamberlin

    Question about spindles on a 46"GT mower deck on 1863 MTD tractor

    In that case, Bill, your spindles and blades should resemble the following: and the following parts are listed for it: It looks like you may be in luck on the center pulley, it appears there are two bearings and two seals for it. See below. As for the idler and the other...
  17. jchamberlin

    Question about spindles on a 46"GT mower deck on 1863 MTD tractor

    Bill, do your deck's pulley arrangement resemble the one pictured below? It is a "321" 46" deck from Parts Lookup. I have only seen one 46GT deck, and I've never worked on one, but I've worked on several others. Someone may swing by who can tell you exactly what's wrong and what it will...
  18. jchamberlin

    Geothermal Heating and Cooling

    To back Todd up, down south air-to-are heat pumps are adequate for all but 3-5 days of the year. Your system looks awesome, Kraig: just what you need for those cool Wisconsin evenings. . Seriously, I applaud the investment. Wood is warmer, but it is a whole lot of work, even with a furnace...
  19. jchamberlin

    1862 FUEL PUMP

    Chris, check out the button above for Kirk Engines. They sell a replacement that has proper pressure. I have used an electric pump for years and I have found it works WONDERFULLY. Also, it has never filled my crankcase with gasoline like the mechanical one did. Photo: Link: Kirk's Fuel...
  20. jchamberlin

    Signs of Spring

    Posting to give hope to all the folks from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and other points in the Midwest suffering from blizzards, thundersnow and other calamitous winter precipitation in the later part of the month of April (what did you guys do to piss off Mother Nature so?), I thought I would...