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  1. digger

    Four digit original

    Not just the filler, no. But I would think any auto parts store or farm store would. All I have are the complete ends.
  2. digger

    Part numbers?

    Head to the parts lookup and enter in the model number and it has them all. Lookup Parts Via Diagram | Cub Cadet US
  3. digger

    Neutral safety switch

    As soon as I get'um added back to the site I will, Just got some in last week. They've been NLA for years.
  4. digger

    Neutral safety switch

    Lay down on the right side of the tractor, look up and towards the center and you'll see it. It will have 2 wires going to it. I sell'um
  5. digger

    Worn bearing hole on wheel

    I had one like that once, I took a 1x3 board, cut the end the same diameter of the hub, heated up pretty good with a map gas torch and started banging away around it until it was round again. Then heated it up again and hosed it down to re-temper it a little.
  6. digger

    Best mower with a 50" deck or bigger ?

    50" is the biggest they offered for the 1811. I run a 44" in mine because of the angle of the road ditch.
  7. digger

    Tiller questions.

    Yep, leave everything in place and let'r eat.
  8. digger

    Tiller questions.

    First thing to do would be to check the belt alignment in the mule drive pulleys. Sight down the belt/pulleys and make sure they are running true to the back gearbox pulley. Also check to make sure that the belt is running vertical to the pulleys from the PTO.
  9. digger

    3 point hitch

    It might be better if you posted in the correct forum. (y) https://www.ihcubcadet.com/forums/ccc-and-mtd-machines-equipment.14/
  10. digger

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    How many have you changed out and used and for how long!
  11. digger

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    I've been running THAT pump for over 11 years on no less than 4 tractors with no issue! BUT! It's your tractor, do what ya want, I know I will cause it works!
  12. digger

    Best mower with a 50" deck or bigger ?

    Actually the 1811 is a pretty slick mowing machine.
  13. digger

    Best mower with a 50" deck or bigger ?

    Or switch it up if I get bored.
  14. digger

    Best mower with a 50" deck or bigger ?

    Here's my choice. ;-)
  15. digger

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    Don't even mess with putting a mechanical pump back in. Switch it out to electric and forget it. Quick easy install I've switched all mine out to electric. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_6101077
  16. digger

    127 snow thrower servicing

    3/4 full is fine.
  17. digger

    3 Cub Cadets & many parts for sale: 1967/122, 1971/73, 1975/129.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking is ure would be nice to know at least what state they are in!
  18. digger

    1650 in Tough Shape

    Sorry, I'll crawl back under my rock now. (y)
  19. digger

    Well we all know what Art A. is doing these days!

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