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  1. mgonitzke

    Tiller questions.

    Wouldn't it have been simpler to get a shorter belt? I have found no need to lengthen the pulley arms on my setup on my 782.
  2. mgonitzke

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    Had an 1811 with one years ago. We put one on my Dad's zero turn. Both were the 40177 and worked great. Typically, when replacing parts, I try to use something reasonably close to the original specifications. Things usually work better that way. Your mileage may vary...
  3. mgonitzke

    Best mower with a 50" deck or bigger ?

    1872 with 60" deck would be my choice. Complete overkill for my yard, but it works great.
  4. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 123 - Hydro Issue

    I'd also grab a PDF copy of the service manual and familiarize yourself with the disassembly procedure of the hydro unit before you get too much further into it. There are some gotchas in there that will cause you to damage the unit if you don't know how it comes apart. Particularly, the spirol...
  5. mgonitzke

    Tiller questions.

    You can modify a 44/50" deck mule drive. Remove the pulleys from the idler arms, then clamp the part of each arm in a vise and use a very large crescent wrench to twist them back straight. This can be done with the mule drive assembled other than the pulleys. If things don't line up properly...
  6. mgonitzke

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    I'm going off of the info that's been on David Kirk's website for the last decade or so.
  7. mgonitzke

    1882 FUEL PUMPS

    That pump is WAY too big. You need the Facet 40177 or equivalent, which is 1-2 psi and 7 GPH. That is very close to the output of the original mechanical pump.
  8. mgonitzke

    Steering fix.

    Is it cracked somewhere? It should not be flexing enough to add any noticeable slop to the steering if everything is intact.
  9. mgonitzke

    73 Wont fire

    Definitely not a given. More than once I've had a valve stick open on an engine that has been sitting for a period of time.
  10. mgonitzke

    73 Wont fire

    THREE things are needed: spark, fuel, and compression, and the spark has to occur at the correct time. If fuel is pouring out of the air filter, it is probably time for a carb kit. Clean the carb, install the new parts, set the main needle to 2 1/8 turns out and the idle to about 1 3/4, which...
  11. mgonitzke

    Trunion Repair

    IMO, it is a lot easier and faster to just weld in the corners and file them back to shape, rather than welding that whole piece on there. That also puts a lot less heat into the trunion.
  12. mgonitzke

    1650 in Tough Shape

    The pan can be TIG welded and re-machined to original dimensions. I would use a helicoil or similar in that hole when redrilling and tapping it.
  13. mgonitzke

    782 rear axle swap

    The procedure in the IH version of the service manual has better instructions for shimming the carrier than the CCC one, IMO.
  14. mgonitzke

    Thunderbird e-mail program ????

    I have used it for 13ish years now. No complaints.
  15. mgonitzke

    Governor Gear - Mag 20

    Sounds like the governor gear is intact and functional to me. I don't think I'd take anything to that dealership again. They don't have a clue what they are doing. You can reset the arm with the engine in the tractor. The procedure is in the engine service manual. I would do that before you...
  16. mgonitzke

    Governor Gear - Mag 20

    I would not recommend anything other than a NEW governor gear if you are going to tear the engine down that far. Used one is a time bomb.
  17. mgonitzke

    Governor Gear - Mag 20

    That's the retaining pin. Looks normal to me, but can't see if the flyweights somehow came off without shattering the gear. Have you tried resetting the governor per the service manual?
  18. mgonitzke

    Saved a crankshaft today

    Been there, done that! I didn't have a spare crank to practice on, so I had to use a piece of 1" stock. Thankfully, it worked.
  19. mgonitzke

    782 rear axle swap

    Easiest way is to swap the ring gear from the IH carrier on the CCC one. That *should* save you from having to touch the pinion depth. Make sure you have a good assortment of carrier shims and some prussian blue to set the contact pattern on the teeth. If you have access to a hydraulic press...
  20. mgonitzke


    That is a 1772. First I've seen one in the UK.
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