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    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Received the worst news any parent can get. Last Sunday my oldest son passed away suddenly whe out enjoying life, he had just turned 38 last month. Word is it was a heartattck. Life for me will never be the same.
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    My 72 died working in the garden, need help.

    Was out discing the garden with the 72. When all a sudden it shut off. Has gas in tank, but no spark at the plug. Tried different plug, no spark. Where do I start??
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    Spring garden work.

    Did a once over on the garden today, ground is still plenty wet on the north side.
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    Unknown item.

    My brother purchased a cub 125 and this bracket came with it, any clue as to what it is?
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    Pile of parts/ its a start.

    Have me a pile of parts removed from donor tractor (100) to install onto the 72 I am hoping to turn back into a garden tractor so I can get back into gardening.
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    Moldboard plow wanted.

    In need of a 8 or 10 inch moldboard plow. Northwest Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley. I'm near Cadott Wi.
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    Frankencub gives up it parts.

    Pulled the old frankencub out of the barn today so it can donate parts to the rebuild of the 72, going to be a slow process but there is no hurry.
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    Remember these ?

    Who all has these? Ive a couple of the lower one hidden in this house someplace.
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    Cadet 382 brought back to life.

    After sitting in the barn for the better part of 5 years, it now starts, runs,(somewhat) and moves on its own but sluggishly.
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    Model 72 lives again.

    Once the homebuilt frontend loader and all the hydraulics where removed and a whole lot of tinkering its alive once again.
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    6-12 tire blowout

    The old 6-12 cub tire I had been using on my yard trailer had a major malfunction.
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    582 Special/ D.O.W

    Poor old IH Cub Cadet 582-special finaly gave its all. Death reported as homicide as owner mistakenly charged battery in reverse for 24 hours than tried to start motor. New key switch, replaced solenoid, no heart beat, not even a slite groan.
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    Archive through May 09, 2013

    Only another 20 years to go and I can maybe think about retirement.
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    Archive through September 20, 2012

    Snow removal season is closing in soon, dont be caught unprepaired. Even has the PTO belt. $150 picked up here. NO SHIPPING, dont even ask.
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    582 special gas capacity

    I found out the hard way what the gas capacity of a 16hp Briggs twin cyl motor is in a 582 special. Two weekends ago on saturday I changed the oil, and replaced the air filter on this motor, filled the gas tank with fresh gas and fired up the motor after a long winters nap. Did some yard work...
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    582 special mis-fire

    I happen to have a 582 speical with a twin cylinder 16 hp Briggs and Scrapem motor in it. ( I know silly me) The other day I went to fire it up to mow the grass and it was only fireing on one cylinder. Seems the left cylinder(as seen from the seat) spark plug died. SO! I pull the plug...
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    Spark plugs for a 582 special

    I have a 582 special that has a 16hp twin Briggs and scrap-em motor and it is in need of new plugs. Problem I am haveing is finding a plug that will work. Old plug is a Champion RJ12C Purchased 2 Champion RJ12YC and the right cylinder (as seen from the seat) valves hit the plug, causeing...
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    Cub 383 hydro carb trouble

    In need of a bit of help here. The 383 hydro I have is in need of a ner carb and there is no HP size sticker on the motor that is readable. The numbers I have off the motor tin is as follows 252707 0655-02 83011111 I have tried the Briggs home page found useing Google and have no...