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    Dodge Charger Police Package

    I never have trouble with people thinking I am cop car. I did add HEMI badges to make me look different then the local PD.
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    Parts Wanted Power angle cylinder

    You can have them for free if you can arrange their removal. I just don't have time to tear it apart. You can't have any of the power steering parts as I am planning on using them in another project.
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    Parts Wanted Power angle cylinder

    I have a parts 1782 that you could get the dual outlets, valves body handles, hoses from. I am located in Jackson, MI. Also the rod end on the angled CC cylinder is not very strong. I got tire of breaking mine and ended up threading the end of the cylinder and installing an actual equipment...
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    New Member in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

    Welcome have fun with the restoration and all the new attachments.
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    Quick zero turn hitch.

    Thanks, not familiar with Ferris, but my Husqvarna is one of there entry level commercial units, pretty stout machine. I not going to pull anything super heavy, my grader being the heaviest thing, it is 42" I beam with railroad spikes welded to it and a section of metal bar grating. The beam...
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    cub projects in Michigan...Gary Noblit

    I have 1512 and a parts 1872 Eventually the 1872 will become a 1572T (for Turbo). Going to build a franken tractor, 1872 frame, column and PS, 1650 cast rear end with fine spline axle shaves from the 1512. 3 Point, front rear remotes with separate controls. Located in Jackson.
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    Quick zero turn hitch.

    I bought a zero turn Husqvarna mower last year year. Great mower but it didn't come with a hitch and Husqvarna doesn't sell one. I knew I had an old Cub Cadet hitch, some plate steel, and some old leaf spring u-bolts. Bought a can Husqvarna orange paint and presto hitch mounting plate. I will...
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    782d battery

    Sorry I just saw this yes it was a direct replacement, and has been working fine! I also had some harness damage from the PO that I repaired.
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    Skid shoes

    I converted my 52" blade to use these WARN ATV skids years ago. P/N WARN 69073 Heavy Duty Plow Skid Upgrade Kit. The brackets bolt in the existing holes and will be double nutted once installed so the don't come loose it. They provide easy adjustment of the skids. Spare skids be bought...
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    782D Driveshaft Upgrade

    I have struggled with drive shafts in my 1512 for years. I use my tractor like a tractor, plowing snow, grading driveway, pulling loads of wood in my utility trailer. I have turf tires with chains. This late winter / early spring I found that I had a broken front axle bolt on the left side. I...
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    M-18 in 1872 worth repairing??

    As I mentioned it burned oil, and likely needs a carb rebuild. Hard starting when cold, and burned oil when running. I used for a season to mow with and it seemed to work ok.
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    M-18 in 1872 worth repairing??

    I am in Jackson, MI, it sits right at the intersection of I94 and US127. I have some friends that do the farm progress show in Boone. They have big trailer. I might be able to get them haul out there.
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    M-18 in 1872 worth repairing??

    I have a running M18 from a 1872 you can have for free, don't know where you are located. I am in lower Michigan. It burned oil but ran okay. I am converting the tractor to a Kubota three cylinder diesel. You can everything gas motor related except the wire harness.
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    1512 Muffler

    I had mine welded by a friend at his offroad truck shop. I didn't feel confident trying to stick weld it. It's held up well over the years, maybe like five now. Had local exhaust shop make a little turn down exhaust pipe, I also run mine in the vertical "tractor" orientation. Not horizontal...
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    1872 / 1512 rear end swap.

    Spent the weekend working on 1512. I have had trouble with drive shafts in that machine your years, I could install new ball bushings, flex joints and a fan and I might get one or two years, I mow and plow snow with the 1512. I was spreading limestone and had right rear differential / frame...
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    782d battery

    As a long time owner of a 1512 (MTD version of 782D) the best modifications I have done to help starting are the self regulating glow plugs, then bypassed the "glow wire", adding the high torque gear reduction starter. I do a lot of plowing in the winter here in Michigan, a lot in the dark and...
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    Broken front blade, angle cylinder end.

    Not sure about welding the cap to the cylinder shaft. The threads on the shaft look to be be in good shape. May try a a heli-coil at first. I just wanted to see if anyone else had run into this. Thanks.
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    Broken front blade, angle cylinder end.

    On my 1512 with an IH 54" front blade with the angle cylinder, I broke the eye/cap off of the blade end of the cylinder. On the end of the cylinder there is an eye which slides over the shaft on the blade. The eye screws onto the end of the cylinder with what looks like a 1/4-20 thread. The...
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    1512 Impossible to start.

    I was able to start the tractor yesterday, I would like to say thanks to everyone. I basically made no changes. Just the temperature in the garage was up over 30 degrees. Also put (2) freshly charged garden tractor batteries in parallel. I plan on doing the starter conversion when I can take...
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    1512 Impossible to start.

    The electric fuel pump was replaced last year and runs normally. The fuel filter has a black line of something in it, cracking the fuel input bleeder at the injection pump with the key on I get a steady stream of fuel. Turning the engine over with the injector lines cracked I get a steady...