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    Quick zero turn hitch.

    I bought a zero turn Husqvarna mower last year year. Great mower but it didn't come with a hitch and Husqvarna doesn't sell one. I knew I had an old Cub Cadet hitch, some plate steel, and some old leaf spring u-bolts. Bought a can Husqvarna orange paint and presto hitch mounting plate. I will...
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    1872 / 1512 rear end swap.

    Spent the weekend working on 1512. I have had trouble with drive shafts in that machine your years, I could install new ball bushings, flex joints and a fan and I might get one or two years, I mow and plow snow with the 1512. I was spreading limestone and had right rear differential / frame...
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    Broken front blade, angle cylinder end.

    On my 1512 with an IH 54" front blade with the angle cylinder, I broke the eye/cap off of the blade end of the cylinder. On the end of the cylinder there is an eye which slides over the shaft on the blade. The eye screws onto the end of the cylinder with what looks like a 1/4-20 thread. The...
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    1512 Impossible to start.

    My 1512 has become impossible to start. I suspect I have a combination of issues. Starter that takes way to much current to turn over eats L&G batteries. Second problem leaky o-ring on throttle plate, so it looses prime and provides a drain down effect on the injection lines. I already have...
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    Diesel glow plug wiring update.

    This update was laid out by another member in a post which is now closed but I wanted to verify what a great update this is and how easy it was! Secondly it can be accomplished with out any permenant modifications. All you need is basic hand tools with mostly off the shelf parts. 1) You need...
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    Diesel exhaust extension / support bad CC design?

    My tractor was missing the factory exhaust from the previous owner. He had the orginal muffler, but was missing the exhaust extension and support bracket. I ordered the $150 part from my CC dealer and proceded to bolt it all together, 1/2 way through my 3 acre lawn the part failed. I returned...
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    New skids for snow blades

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a conversion I just did to my 54" plow. It was missing the skids and would dig when trying to plow. I knew IH/CC skids are small diameter and can dig as well. I bought a skid kit for a warn ATV plow, it turns out that it pretty much a bolt on. I...
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    1450 to 1512 rear end swap.

    I need some guidance from someone that has done this. I already have a 1450 which has the donor rear. Is this just a disassemble - swap case - reassemble operation? The plan was to get two 4x8 sheets of plywood dis assemble the 1450 rear diff layout all parts in order. Same for the 1512...
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    New 1512 owner, questions?

    After my 1450 died I decided I needed a new tractor. I new it had to be a diesel, so after a lot of hunting I found a 700 hundred hour 1512. It came with a 50a deck, sleeve hitch, #2 tiller, and 54" blade w/hydro angle. I paid $2K for it all. Tractor runs great and the hydro is so smooth...