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  1. J

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    (1st) grease fitting Some of the Kurt vises have the grease fittings and some just have a plastic cap on the end. All long as you keep it greased( and clear of chips), it shouldn't matter which you use. (2nd) vise stop That stop will work fine for most of what you're doing. It will only be in...
  2. J

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    Finally remembered to get a picture of the grease fitting. It's on the end of the movable jaw casting. Jeff
  3. J

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    We have a few D675 Kurt vises at work. I will try to remember to look for the grease fitting Monday. If you haven't disassembled a Kurt vise before, they are simple to do. Remove jaws. Flip vise over and remove the two SHCS holding the stationary jaw. The jaw is held in place b those two...
  4. J

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    If the jaws are messed up, just make new ones from CRS ( 3/4" x 1-3/4" x 6" ) or aluminum. We use soft jaws all the time at work. I made a few sets of soft jaws for my 4" kurt vise. they are handy to have for specialized parts too. I used hot rolled steel for the one set but milled the...
  5. J

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    Glad I was some inspiration. Looks good and they come in quite handy for multiple pieces. Here's the one I made for the 4" Kurt vise I was able to pick up for a decent price. The stop I made is similar to factory offered stop but a whole lot cheaper since I made it ( Almost $110 ) Milled a...
  6. J

    Archive through June 03, 2012

    Offering parts I make for sale. Wide frame frankenstein bolts with jam nuts. One pair for $26 shipped Brass PTO Button $6 plus $2 shipping --$8 total Heavy duty sleeve hitch adapter with a pair of drilled lifting straps $115 shipped I also make an extended version to clear...
  7. J

    Leaky gas tank

    Thanks Frank I'll see if the local ACE Hardware store has that.
  8. J

    Leaky gas tank

    Nice work Frank That tank cleaned up nice ( except for the rust area). The patch job smoothed out well too. Also glad to see the USPS didn't use the tank as a wheel chock
  9. J

    Jacktown Annual Snow Show Jan 15, 2011 in Bangor Pa

    Once again folks it's almost time for the 1st event of the season, The Jacktown Annual Snow Show Jan 15, 2011 in Bangor Pa. http://www.jacktown.com/schedule.asp http://jacktown.com/absoluteig/gallery/show_pictures/annual_snow_shows/2010/20.jpg...
  10. J

    Archive through December 27, 2010

    <font color="0000ff">{quote by Don Tanner --I did surprise me that IH had two casting for the rear ends.I have seen the indent where the vent would be on my gear drives and thought they were just plugged instead of vented.</font>} As a machinist, this is very easy to explain. They had ONE...
  11. J

    Archive through December 27, 2010

    Here we go Exhibit 125 with vent Exhibit 122 no vent
  12. J

    Archive through December 27, 2010

    Robert, I have a 1968 model 125 also. It's my primary mower/snow removal machine. I just freshened the engine in the spring and other than belts, it's been trouble free since 2003. ( two deck belts, one mower drive belt and two starter/generator belts) My neighbor wanted to get a new lawn...
  13. J

    Digital Cameras?

    For batteries for digital cameras, these are highly recommended by the camera "enthusiasts". Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries I just purchased a 4 pack off *bay for under $11 shipped. I use a Kodak EastShare DX4900 ( 4MB ) that I purchased used with a decent size memory...
  14. J

    Archive through December 25, 2010

    Thank you Mr Tanner Jeff
  15. J

    Archive through December 23, 2010

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas Is a 129 gas tank the same size as the ones on a 122/125? Thanks Jeff
  16. J

    Archive through December 12, 2010

    Melody I had the exact same gas "drooling" problem on my 122 when I got it. The float had a leak and would slosh when shaken. A new float ( and bowl gasket ) solved the problem. Jeff
  17. J

    Archive through December 10, 2010

    Brian, I know what you mean by "wind in the face". I live at the top of a hill and I must snow throw UP the driveway into the wind. By the time I get to the end, I look like a snowman on the 125 This year ( I'm copying a guy from corvette forum off topic ) and trying my motorcycle...
  18. J

    Leaky gas tank

    Frank, Sounds like a deal, thank you very much. I'll take it off and let it "vent". Maybe it'll be ready to mail next week. Jeff
  19. J

    Leaky gas tank

    Matt What soldering process did you use? ( electric handheld gun or old school heat sink type? ) Thanks Jeff