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  1. J


    Front crankshaft seal is bad. having the pto clutch off i am wondering if i used a slide hammer and a couple screws can I remove it or do I just take the front cover off? Thanks Jim
  2. J

    582 PTO

    Trying to use it to clean drive. Everytime I turn pto switch on it kills engine.unlpluged pto and put a known good switch in same thing. Thought I'd ask here before I I got into wiring harness. Thanks Jim
  3. J

    Sims Cab on a 982

    Does any one have a Sims all metal cab on a SGT? I bought one today and the young man said some of the mounts are missing. I have never saw one mounted before so I have no clue what they look like to even make them. Thanks Jim
  4. J

    Tractor Wanted 1282 wanted

    Looking for a 1282. doesn't have to run but prefer it not blown up. like it to be complete with or without deck. within roughly 150 miles of 43326. Which is Kenton Ohio. Thanks Jim. Email is [email protected]
  5. J

    Cub cadet prices.

    Went to a estate auction yesterday of Norm Turner. Roughly 60 miles northeast of Columbus Ohio. The prices of these truly floored me. Norm was a lifetime collector of anything IH. There was a mountain of toys still in the box never opened sell. I didn't get to watch any of that because I was out...
  6. J


    I feel dumb asking this but here goes. Got a buddy whos son bought a 1200. Long story short it only has spark for split second once you let go of the key. I know that issues been discussed here before but I haven't found it. Any pointers?
  7. J

    Go ahead and laugh

    So I will openly show my ignorance here, On the parts look up what do I type in to look up parts for a original? I have tried cub cadet and original with no luck. Either I am just that dumb(most likely) or there something else. Thanks Jim
  8. J

    482 Throttle link

    Long story short I need to make the throttle linkage from the governor arm to carburetor on a 482. Basically it a wire bent in a s hook. Am i wrong in my thinking that if I measure the distance between the two at wide open and at Idle positions that will get me the info I need? It is a 8 horse...
  9. J

    Haban 60in deck

    Long story short. I have to totally rebuild a Haban 60in deck. does anyone knw where I can find a service manual? Last I knew Binder didn't have one. What I mainly want to know is About rebuilding the spindles with new bearings and such. Thanks Jim
  10. J

    Archive through May 27, 2019

    I know I have asked this before, but cant find it. What model of a cub do I need to get all the power steering parts off of to put on a 782? Be nice if can find a rough one with a mag 18. Thanks Jim
  11. J

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    2072 frame has been welded on $25.00 190-551-100 snow blower needs tension pulley $250 10in Brinley sleeve hitch plow with coulter $150 and some 2072 misc. Parts. Email in profile. Item's must be picked up in zip code 45843 or pay for shipping& handling. Thanks Jim
  12. J

    982 with mag 20

    I am putting a mag 20 in a 982. engine ran just find when I mowed with it then pulled it in the shop and pulled it out. Put in the 982 and now I have no spark. I did take all the air shields off and blow the cooling fins off. My question is could I have broke the ignition or blew the wires out...
  13. J

    Archive through April 29, 2014

    Dennis, Oh I am sure its just snake oil. But I truly believe in any and all products Lucas makes. Back when I drove for a living I had a truck that made me a believer in there products. The engine in my semi would use a gallon of oil around the 1500 mile make. It didn't smoke or leak or run bad...
  14. J

    Archive through April 10, 2014

    Brian, If it could be bought right, I would be all over it. Just as long as the price would reflect worse case scenario. You have probably figured out the 82 series have a soft spot on me.
  15. J

    The wife

    Maybe some of you have been wondering what's been going on with my wife. For those who want to know here is the deal. On the date of 3/3/14 She called me @ 6:45 am saying she was in sever abdominal pain. Came home rush her to the ER. I had a gut feeling I knew exactly what was wrong. You see we...
  16. J

    The day finally came!

    After looking for the past 6-8 years I finally got a 782d. I will get some pictures up when I get them. Brought it home in the dark. It just needs put back together. Guy took it all apart rebuilt and repaired everything. Then sandblasted primed painted and or powder coated everything. Put it...
  17. J

    Archive through December 20, 2013

    Ok I have tested the intake for vaccum leaks. None were found.replace filter new gas carb bowl is free of dirt. Pulled the vacuum line off the fuel pump started tractor runs the same. So to me that sound like the pump is not working and the carb is trying to pull gas threw the pump. Not the pump...
  18. J

    Pto switch.

    Good evening, I have a 1984 582 special. I can not get the pto switch to stay locked in the on position. I got a new switch from cub cadet and still the same. In order to mow with it I have to hold it on while trying to mow. And yes after about a hour of mowing it gets pretty hard to hold on...
  19. J

    Please help

    I hope im in the right area to ask this.I have a 1984 582 special im trying to mount a 2b tiller on the problem is since it has the cast rearend the mounting for the gearbox has nothing to bolt to.Is ther other brackets i need or can it even be put on there? Thanks for your time and info