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  1. CaptainShwammy

    108 Manual Lift Handle Button

    The button came off somewhere. Having trouble finding one online. Anybody got one they wanna sell?
  2. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

    Well it happened. Was moving a trailer around my yard and somewhere in there the lift handle button came off. Gonna try and find it but I was wondering if anyone knows if the plastic one they sell on Amazon will fit it temporarily.
  3. CaptainShwammy

    Wanted: Snow/Dozer Blade for wide frame in NC

    Trying to fix up the driveway at my new house and I need a blade to push gravel piles around. (And maybe just maybe plow some snow one day) I live in Central NC south of Greensboro.
  4. CaptainShwammy

    Can you spread gravel with a front plow blade?

    Hello guys! I just recently got myself a '74 108 in hopes of taming the much neglected property and driveway at the house my wife and I are moving in to at the end of this week. I have a sleeve hitch and a rear blade for it (tested well on our current driveway with an old winch mounted as a...