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  1. Imnaykid

    CC-71 Clutch noise

    Thanks to all for the information and help you have given me. The new issue. When I start the CC-71 it now runs fine. Sit and warms up nicely. But push in the clutch and it makes a very loud gear grinding sound. Makes the sound without moving, just pushing the clutch down. What should I do...
  2. Imnaykid

    Papa's Original

    Greetings everyone, So here is an update. I still want to get Papa's original (9539) running. Mr, Houtz is the only shop to ever work on it. Last time I was at his shop he told me it needed a short block and it wasn't worth fixing. He has retired (well earned) as have I. So now I have...
  3. Imnaykid

    Original, and I want to use it.

    Greetings everyone and thanks. I have my Grandfathers original #9539 sitting outside. It doesn't run and shop space is tight. I am now using a 21" walk behind mower to mow my 2 acres and it is tough on a mid 60's guy. The machine has a motor (K161S) issue and I don't know the problem. When...
  4. Imnaykid

    Neighbor has a 1330

    I still have my grandfathers original that I would like to return to service. However the neighbor has a 1330 that he is thinking of selling. He has been the only owner and taken good care of it. Should I consider this machine while I work on restoring the original? What would be a fair...
  5. Imnaykid

    New guy with an original

    I have my Grandfathers original #9539. Need to get it running. Here for ideas and help.