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  1. CaptainShwammy

    108 Manual Lift Handle Button

    The button came off somewhere. Having trouble finding one online. Anybody got one they wanna sell?
  2. CaptainShwammy

    73 Wont fire

    Sounds like your float is stuck. The main jet needs cleaning. I'd suggest cleaning all the jets and run a piece of stranded wire though them to make sure they are clean. Should fire right up. If not, then open up the rabbit hole of compression/timing issues.
  3. CaptainShwammy

    73 Wont fire

    Compression is a given. It's an engine that ran when it was last parked. By this THREE things mess you might as well bump it up to 50 and list every silly thing that happens in an engine.
  4. CaptainShwammy

    73 Wont fire

    Only 2 things needed to make an engine run, fuel and fire. If it's been sitting for a year maybe the carb is dirty. Maybe the fuel isn't turned on at the petcock. Hopefully the latter is the problem, but either is a fairly easy fix. If the fuel is on see if you can start it with starting fluid...
  5. CaptainShwammy

    1250 Stalls when hot. Cools down and then starts like a champ

    The world is a better place now. Lo and behold, someone came back and told what the problem ended up being. Excellent!
  6. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

    I think it came off because when I changed out the broken lift rod it was getting late and I had packed up so much stuff moving to a new house I didn't have any loctite available and then forgot about that till it fell off. Live and learn and sometimes ya learn again and again.
  7. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

    Sure looks like the new style one wouldn't fit though. Guess I'll start searching for it when I get home. Or at least after I find my rolling magnet metal picker upper thing first.
  8. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

    I could see the spring and the top of the lift rod.
  9. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

  10. CaptainShwammy

    Lift Handle Button

    Well it happened. Was moving a trailer around my yard and somewhere in there the lift handle button came off. Gonna try and find it but I was wondering if anyone knows if the plastic one they sell on Amazon will fit it temporarily.
  11. CaptainShwammy

    Manual Lift Arm

    If the rod is like the one on my 108 its two pieces welded together making a 90 at the bottom. I______ < like that. The short piece broke off from the long rod and I had to lock the button down, then clamp locking pliers onto what was sticking out then unlock the button and turn the button off...
  12. CaptainShwammy

    Box Blade/Scraper blade?

    How much weight do you use? I have a broken 8000lb winch and mounting plate bolted onto my blade. Works pretty good. Was just thinking there might be a more ideal amount to use.
  13. CaptainShwammy

    Manual Lift Arm

    Do you have an air compressor? If so you can use a blower nozzle and a piece of tubing filled with penetrant to fire a shot up the tube from the bottom. Worked on mine. The bottom piece had broken off the lift rod. I had to jack it up really high, almost flipped it to get it out. Also had to...
  14. CaptainShwammy

    Can you spread gravel with a front plow blade?

    Thanks for the info everyone. I'm gonna do a lot of tree trimming to make sure I can have as much as possible drop spread. I still haven't gotten a plow blade yet, so I guess it'll be a battle with a wheel barrow and whatever I can move with my back blade to finish it off. I have a driveway drag...
  15. CaptainShwammy

    Can you spread gravel with a front plow blade?

    I was looking at my 108 the other day and noticed there was an unused pulley on the drive clutch side of the motor. It could easily be set up to run a pump. Might be better off buying a different cub than trying to customize your own setup though.
  16. CaptainShwammy

    'Early' and 'Late' piston rings (K241)

    Sounds like you are on to something there. Just thinking that perhaps the spec number could be telling of whether its early or late. My '74 was built in June of that year so if the spec number can help its near the end of the range. I'm fairly certain they stopped making them in October of '74.
  17. CaptainShwammy

    Seafoam.... to use or not to use, that is the question.

    One has parrafin (ATF) and the other has napthene (MMO). Saying they are as different as butane and motor oil is disingenuous. They are much more in line to my comparison between havoline and valvoline, two motor oils. Like I said at the start...basically the same thing. And if you're using it...
  18. CaptainShwammy

    Brake Parts for 1250

    Found some on ebay but they are a little different. The ads say they fit my 108 but the pads don't look like your picture. They have a hole instead of a slot (mine look like your picture). Might not matter though so long as they bolt in place. I'm looking into using rear calipers off a nissan or...
  19. CaptainShwammy

    Frankentractor questions:

    1. Google image search shows white as the color. Though going by the same metric a medium brown rust was the predominate color. 2.extra storage, enjoy!