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  1. mtener

    Parts For Sale Old style deck available

    $50 plus shipping. It is in Mason, Ohio
  2. mtener

    Cubs at local tractor show Morrow, Ohio

  3. mtener

    Added a 149 to the collection today.

    I drove to Evansville IN. this am to pickup a 149. Not sure what the condition is. After my project of using the blade to push dirt, I realize the value of having a tractor dedicated to the blade and having one with the mowing deck . I know it has a flat tire and no battery. It did turn over...
  4. mtener

    Mike T Mason Oh. and Foster Ky.

    Have not posted much. Had many Cubs over years, now have 149 and 1250. Here are pics with the 149 using blade to push dirt.
  5. mtener

    Bald Faced Hornets in Front Yard Tree

    I removed this nest from a tree in my neighbor's front yard.
  6. mtener

    I am not new, but have not posted much. Just a lurker.

    I removed this hornets nest from my neighbors front yard. Thought it may be good for a view here.