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  1. William Adams

    Looking for local groups, shows and gurus

    Hey all. My son and I attended our first plow day last October near Menomonie, Wi and met some fine folks but we've lost that contact information. If anyone knows of upcoming shows or get-togethers around western Wi/eastern MN I'd really appreciate a shout-out. Thanks!
  2. William Adams

    123 dozer conversion

    Perhaps, as in my dealings with vintage VW forums, modifying or otherwise altering vintage iron (be it cars, bikes or tractors) is considered to be the ultimate sacrilege to the purist. After many years spent rescuing old Iron, I tend to think that breathing new life into old stuff, pretty much...
  3. William Adams

    Greetings all from thr new guy and his son!

    Hello all, It's time to make the new addiction official by joining the forum! I've been dragged into this by our 13 year old son Will and his love of garden tractors. A quick timeliness review: Then 10 year old Will announced he would like a small (old) garden tractor for his birthday. I talked...