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    Archive through September 15, 2013

    The AC312 has been spoken for thnx
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    Montrose Fall Harvest Plow Day Oct. 11-12 2013

    Spoke with Bob last night .....The fall plowday will again be at usual place 4330 Meridan Ave Montrose Minnesota. The date is still up in the air either October 4-5th or 11-12 depending on the harvesting of the beans. will keep everyone updated as we get closer to harvest. thanks much
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    Archive through April 20, 2013

    For Sale more shed cleaning 82 series mule drive $25.00 23 x 10.50 x 12 turfs $25.00 miniture square straw bales for your kid hauler 30.00 shipped mule drive and tursf plus actual shipping but prefer pick up
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    Northeast Iowa Plow day

    Plans are in place for the 2nd annual Northeast Iowa plow day . Date : Saturday April 6th location... 2106 sweetridge Dr Harpers Ferry, Ia we will have 25-35 acres of bean stubble to plow in the hills and dales of northeast Iowa. More details will follow as we get closer any...
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    IH Refrigerators

    Just wondering if anyone knows any info about IH fridges...I got one was built in 1955 works great but would like to know more about the settings thnx in advance Rob
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    Fall Montrose Mn plow days Oct 12-13th 2012

    Talked with Bob Haftten yesturday he asked me if I would post his fall event The fall Montrose Mn plow days are going to be friday October 12th and Saturday the 13th. Just like 2 years ago will be held at the farm , plowing will start on friday afternoon not to fasr from the fasrm... on...
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    Archive through April 01, 2012

    looking for a few suitcase weights either 5-10or the 20 pounders thanks Rob
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    Archive through February 14, 2012

    For Sale very nice looking and running cub cadet 123 totally redone a few years ago rebuilt motor ag tires and tri ribs up front...3 point hitch asking $900.00 obo in Waukon, Iowa...only reason for selling is got to get rid of some medical bills the these pics were taken last November my...
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    Northeast Iowa plow day spring 2012 April 7, 2012

    Just putting a feeler out ...any interest in a spring plow day late March /early April for a plow day near Waukon, Iowa... Northeast Iowa...
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    Cat 0 plow set up for a 1882 super

    having some major issues getting my buddys plow moldboard plow set correctly...it { the plow seems to dog track to the left as you are plowin and can"t also seem to get the depth correct... tried the 6" block method ... the cat zero hitch is a creation of Aaron from extreme motor works . looks...
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    Archive through June 29, 2011

    Eric tried to email about your spirit of 76 can"t get thru got a phone #??? thank you Rob or email me [email protected]
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    1812 hyd lines

    can some one post pictures of the routing of the hud hoses coming off the dual spool valve on an 1812 mine are rubbing against the fuel tank { need a visual } thanks in advance
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    Info on 1811

    Can you guys give me a hand ... looking at an 1811can some one post a few pics and info on this model ...don't have and info on the newer stuff thank you also will my wide frame attachments fit QA 42 A blower...blade 1a tiller
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    Archive through February 21, 2010

    looking for a nice 782 w/ deck some where close to Iowa
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    North East Iowa Fall Plow day

    I have been kicking this around for a week or 2 just curious if there is intrest for a plow day up here in NE Iowa ... was thinking of Saturday October 31st ... I have around 20 acres give or take about 4 miles straight east of Postville Ia off of Hwy 18 is there any interest??? It would be a...
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    Archive through October 01, 2009

    Does anyone know who's handiwork this is?
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    Archive through July 20, 2009

    pics of the 123
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    Archive through July 01, 2009

    got a friend looking for a deck for his 716 Allis in the midwest
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    Archive through March 12, 2009

    pics of the deck
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    Archive through December 04, 2008

    Forgot to mention it is worse when the motor gets warm ... It is definatly interesting!!!