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    LGTX 1050 user

    Has anyone had issues with the engine on a LGTX 1050 leaking oil under motor? I am thinking it maybe the bottom seal? How about the steering any issues there?
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    Cub 149nCarb question

    I had to replace the carb on my 149 and not sure who I purchased one from but it looks like the carb should go on a 1250/1650. So my question is can I switch the lever in this carb or do I have to buy another? Getting tired of choke being all the way in just to start engine. Of course choke is...
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    What is a reasonable price for a 782 in Good condition?
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    what is a reasonable price for 782 in Good condition?

    Neighbor passed away and he had a 782 which if you knew him I consider it in Good condition. I want to approach his widow about selling it before she puts on auction. Can anyone help?
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    1650 starter

    starter 1 was not fully engaging so I took it off and sprayed WD40 on it and now it will not engage and spin, 2nd starter will engage but sounds awful, can they be rebuilt or better off replacing?
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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    I needed to replace the voltage regulator on this and purchased one from a Cub Cadet Parts dealer, when I picked it up, it was not in a box, no part number asked guy if it needed polarized, he said google it, right there I should have walked out until regular guy came back. My regulator has...